Picked Color: Playing With Orange Outfit

Picked Color: Playing With Orange Outfit

Picked Color: Playing With Orange Outfit -Mood not good it helps you brushed with a cheerful costume. One of them choose orange color as your outfit.

Unfortunately, many feared the colors to be used, because it is easy to be the center of attention of others. In fact, you can reduce the brightness effect combine with other colors you know, let’s try to follow some of these tips.

1. Orange and White
Fresh and clean 2 alloy is given by the color. The white color will offset the power of your orange.

2. Orange and Jeans
Choose blue jeans for orange outfit, no matter young and old blue. This color represents the spirit within you that is ready to face any problems.

3. Orange and Pink
You will look very special with this color matching. Fresh and feminine and unique. Add ribbon accessories to strengthen your personality.

4. Orange and Green
Honesty is displayed through a blend of two colors this time, but it also shows you are also down to earth personality.

5. Orange and Brown
It is a blend of the two colors are suitable for you who lack confidence wearing the color orange. Chocolate will make it a neutral or no longer conspicuous.

Every now and then dare to play around with bright colors will add excitement and to spare the use of monotone colors. If fear is too flashy, add a darker color to one of your outfit. For more inspirations have a look for these photos below.

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