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Our Favorite Festival Looks From Coachella 2022

Our Favorite Festival Looks From Coachella 2022

Our Favorite Festival Looks From Coachella 2022

After two years Coachella has been postponed while we are all social distancing and working from home. We are all going through the 2022 festival now. Coachella kicked off last week and we’re already mentally preparing ourselves for the influx of wearable outfits for our Instagram feed.

However, the best way to fight the withdrawal is to immerse yourself in the best Coachella style of all time. Fashion bloggers strolled around the festival grounds in comfort and style this year. While our favorite pieces won’t see the California sun, hope our selection below can help inspire anyone in need of a 2022 fashion festival for Coachella fashion for next year.

We saw that the outfit vibe at Coachella and music festivals in general this year more relaxed than in previous years. Understated denim cuts and classic fringe tank tops will dominate the crowd and accessories will be a prime way to stand out. However, for those who want to choose to wear actual outfits, seeing what some of the very stylish festival goers have worn before is a good way to start putting together an outfit plan for when Coachella actually happens.

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Ahead, Inspiration is the start of a great outfit, so these Our Favorite Festival Looks From Coachella 2022—even if it’s just for a mirror selfie.

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