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Styling Tips To Get Best Result Ombre Hair Color

Styling Tips To Get Best Result Ombre Hair Color

Trend 2013 Ombre Hair Style
Trend 2013 Ombre Hair Style
Trend 2013 Ombre Hair Style

The latest trend ombre hair color styling tips gives new hope for those wishing to appear confident and classy . This new hairstyle appeared in recent years, but had a lot of people who apply it in their hair.

What is Ombre Hairstyle?

Ombre is adding another different colors of hair that had the look that looks faded from the middle part of the hair but firmly at the bottom of the hair.

The colors are usually chosen are varied, ranging from blonde to maroon though. Live match with the personality that you have. If you are the type of person who prefers to look natural, choose a color that is rather soft.

Soft ombre on Jessica Biel
Soft ombre on Jessica Biel

How To Get Best Ombre Results?

Here are following tips for styling ombre hair color from on of ambassador L’Oreal Professionnel.

  • Step 1 . Ombre  is not just a technique but also the philosophy of color . Imagine a flower that blooms , the more to the end of the brighter colors . In one hair style , you can take advantage of the technique leaves . As is known , has a leaf order of five , with the center of the straight . It is inspired to create hairstyles new creations
  • Step 2 . The selection of colors , matched with the color of skin .
  • Step 3 . Cutting layers with modern techniques . Trap on the hair should be given the impression of weight and more volume . For thin hair , this effect will give the impression of thickness .
  • Step 4 . As a final step is a free hair style , can give besides mythic oil prevent hair cracking also affects the luster to the hair . Or , spray hair-spray .

Ombre technique can be done for all types of hair , either long , medium , short or even . Spiky -haired man who can apply shoe polish technique to give bright colors on hair ends .

Nature ombre technique makes the hair appear more natural , because basically one tone color for the ombre hair color tip . For example, the base color of copper and copper edges , equally dark .

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However , ombre styling can not be done alone . You have to go to a salon and entrusted the workmanship for the hairdresser .



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