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Interview With Matthias Cornilleau: Hint Of Elegancy To An Outfit

Interview With Matthias Cornilleau: Hint Of Elegancy To An Outfit

Matthias Lookbook
Matthias Cornilleau Lookbook
Matthias Cornilleau Lookbook

Thanks for Matthias Cornilleau finally replied our mail, because we have been curious all time about his look theme “Oblivion” on his lookbook. Yap, his style is really awesome, he can easily added the combination about each outfit for his look. Easy to follow for your inspirations guys !

How would you describe your style?

Something which reflects my daily mood : I have not any specific style, I can wear wear a bowtie one day and sweatpants the next day.

 How did you get inspired about mixing your style?

As I have just said, it dépends on my mood… I chose some stuffs and they fit well together.

Why do you like wear wedges shoes?

You mean derbies and boots ? I think it gives a hint of elegancy to an outfit. Legs are prettier.

Is there one dress or item of clothing in your closet that you always feel your best in?

A black skinny jean, obviously.

Where is your hat from? Is it one of your favorites?

It comes from H&M. i have a large collection of caps with many colours to combine them.

Any fashion trends or looks that you’re really into lately?

I don’t really like trends, I prefer choosing what I personnally like.

 Can you tell us one by one what are you wearing?

–        H&M CAP

–        Sweater Valentino

–       Shoes by Church’s

–       Fashionology Necklace

– jeans

“Taking advantage of a sunny spell, I dug out one of my oldest items. I’ve had this Valentino sweatshirt for a couple of years now, but in spite of the seasons going by, it’s still sort of my favorite sweatshirt. I matched it with a vintage blazer with a satin collar and the pendant Lydia gave me, it’s a simple outfit for a simple saturday” .

Matthias Cornilleau says on his website stylnoxe


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