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Makeup Tips To Look Like A Chic This Summer

Makeup Tips To Look Like A Chic This Summer

Makeup Tips To Look Like A Chic This Summer
Makeup Tips To Look Like A Chic This Summer
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Summer has its own challenges when it comes to makeup. This includes the weather, sweat, and humidity. Makeup in summer is a tricky thing. For some, it’s too hot and sweaty for them to wear makeup, but for others, it’s just not possible. Regardless, wearing makeup in the summer can help you look good.

Not only do you have to make sure that it does not melt off your face, but also that it doesn’t clog up your pores. It’s important to keep in mind these things while wearing makeup in summer so that you can still look good without compromising your skin health. For those who don’t want to give up their favorite makeup products during the summer, there are a few makeup and skincare tips that will help you keep your makeup on in the summer heat:

5 Basics Of Wearing Makeup In Summer

  1. Apply a light layer of BB cream or tinted moisturizer before foundation, which will help eliminate any shine on your face.
  2. Avoid wearing foundation and powder on the same day.
  3. Apply sunscreen before you put on any makeup.
  4. Use a light foundation with SPF 15 or higher so that you don’t need to reapply it too often.
  5. Apply concealer around the eyes and mouth for a more natural look.
  6. Wear clothes that complement your skin tone

Simplified Step-By-Step Guide To Applying Makeup For A Chic Look In Summer

  1. Start with a clean slate by removing all eye makeup first before applying any foundation or base color.
  2. Begin by using sunscreen before applying any makeup.
  3. Apply moisturizer after your base if you have dry skin.
  4. Apply a primer before starting your makeup routine. Primers help the foundation stay on for longer and also make it easier to apply foundation and concealer as they go on smoother and blend better than without one.
  5. Choose a foundation that is lightweight, preferably with SPF 15 or higher, so that it will not lead to breakouts or clogged pores.
  6. Apply foundation in an upward motion to avoid streaks.
  7. Apply concealer on the areas of your face that are red, blotchy, or have dark circles under them.
  8. Apply bronzer only on the top of the cheekbones.
  9. Facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Pontell recommends applying a sheer cream blush on only the apples of your cheeks if you have dry skin since it helps makeup adapt better to your facial structure.
  10. You can also apply shimmery highlighter on cheekbones and brow bones
  11. Apply a creamy matte lipstick that matches your skin tone – if you want to experiment, try light pink or pale yellow.
  12. Use light colors for daytime looks and dark colors for night.
  13. If you’re wearing eyeshadow, use it in the crease of your eyelid to create depth and dimension.
  14. Also, you pair nude lips with cool tones in your eye makeup for an easy, effortless, and chic look.

Summing Up

A chic woman is one who is confident, stylish, and knows how to make an outfit work with her style. You want to avoid looking like a clown or wearing too much makeup because it will only make your face appear more red and blotchy. For this, you must keep your makeup light and natural. You also want to avoid dark colors because they are not flattering during the summertime.

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There is no need to spend hours in front of the mirror trying to find the perfect makeup routine for summer. With these simple steps explained above, you can have your own chic summer look in minutes while protecting your skin.

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