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How To Style Mini Flared Skirt For Spring/Summer 2024

How To Style Mini Flared Skirt For Spring/Summer 2024

How To Style Mini Flared Skirt For Spring/Summer 2024
How To Style Mini Flared Skirt For Spring:Summer 2024

Calling all skirt lovers! Spring and summer are basically begging for cute, flowy outfits, and the mini flared skirt is back in a big trend for 2024. Not only is it chic, but it’s also super classy. Whether you’re channeling your inner vintage queen or keeping it casual, this skirt can be your new fave for the warmer months.

What is flared skirt?

Think of a mini skirt that gets wider towards the bottom, kind of like a flower opening up. That’s the flared skirt magic! This style is awesome because it creates a slimming effect at the waist and hips, making it super flattering for all body types. Plus, the extra fabric adds a fun, flirty touch to any outfit.

The volume of the skirt will give effect trim on the waist and hips can disguise, especially for those who have large hips. To look elegant, choose shades of earth tone full skirt. Example you can style it with a baby tee pastel colors to get a sweet chic look. Not to forget, this flared skirts is also suitable for you who love vintage style.

How To Style Mini Flared Skirt?

The good news is that mini flared skirts are actually pretty flattering for most body types! Here’s why:

  • Balance: The flowy nature of the skirt balances out your proportions. It can create the illusion of a smaller waist and slimmer hips for those who want it.
  • Leg Focus: Mini skirts naturally draw attention to your legs, which is great if you’re confident in them!

Now, let’s talk about how to style these chic pieces for the Spring/Summer 2024. Here’s the lowdown straight from some fashion-savvy bloggers:

Stripes for Days

Take a cue from @seconde_secon and pair your skirt with a cute striped top. It’s a classic combo that’s perfect for a picnic or a casual day out.

Matching Vibes

Feeling the monochrome mood? Style like @fakerstrom and rock a matching set with a crop top and flared skirt in the same print (stripes are a great choice here!).

Off-the-Shoulder Love

Borrow some inspo from @lauralabee. She shows how an off-the-shoulder knit sweater adds a touch of romance to a sporty tennis-style flared skirt.

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Statement Blouse Boss

How To Style Mini Flared Skirt For Spring/Summer 2024
IG: u__jee

Feeling fancy? Be like @u__jee and pair your skirt with a statement sheer blouse. Add a Chanel bag for extra oomph for wedding guest look.

Preppy Perfection

Show your Blair Waldorf with a look inspired by @juliesfi. She rocks a preppy vibe by pairing her flared skirt with an oversized sweater.

Neutrals with a Kick

Not into loud colors? No problem! Take a page out of @sophiecrinnion’s book and keep it chic with a neutral-colored cardigan and knee-high boots.


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