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Living In Singapore: 6 Things To Know Before You Move

Living In Singapore: 6 Things To Know Before You Move

Living In Singapore: 6 Things To Know Before You Move
Living In Singapore: 6 Things To Know Before You Move
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Moving to a new city can be daunting, especially for those who have never ventured out of their comfort zones. The stress of uprooting ourselves and settling in a new place is compounded when we are not really sure what to expect. You have to figure out the differences in the culture, adjust to the weather, and make new friends. But, if you choose to move, you might as well make it as exciting as possible. After all, you’ll be spending the next several years of your life in this new country. To ease your mind before making the big leap, here are six things that you need to know before you move.

Checking Your HDB Loan Eligibility

One of the first things you need to do before you move is to check your HDB loan eligibility. The Housing Development Board, or HDB, provides housing loans in Singapore. To be eligible for an HDB loan, you have to be a Singapore citizen or permanent resident for two years, which means you will most likely need to rent before you buy a home. You must also have a monthly household income that meets the eligibility requirement set by the HDB. Requirements change from time to time, so make sure to check out this guide on HDB loan eligibility to see if your situation meets their requirements.

Living In Singapore: 6 Things To Know Before You Move
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Securing A Job Before You Move

If you want to make sure that you won’t struggle to find a job, it’s important to secure one before you move. Most people who move abroad do so because they have an offer of employment. The idea is to find a job in your new country before you move there. You might also have trouble finding an apartment or getting a car if you don’t have a job lined up, which could lead to huge financial problems and anxiety. Plus, not having a job could mean that you’ll be spending your first few weeks in a new country sitting around doing nothing.

Packing For The Heat

One of the key things to know before moving is how to pack for the heat. You might be used to dealing with cold weather or take it for granted that you can just go out in short sleeves. But, you’re going to have to deal with the heat and humidity when you arrive. Pack light clothes that are made of fabrics like linen, cotton, and silk. Avoid wearing any wool clothing as it will most likely make you feel more hot and sweaty. Additionally, avoid wearing anything that is too fitted or tight on your body as these clothes trap in your sweat and will make you feel uncomfortable.

Getting Used To Using Public Transport

You will likely have to use public transport for your commute, so it’s best to get used to it before you arrive. The system in Singapore is very easy to grasp, and you can buy a single trip ticket or a smart card which you recharge as needed. You can purchase a variety of travel cards at most convenience stores, and there are plenty of routes depending on your destination. Alternatively, you can travel by Maxicab, which is especially useful if you have a large family.

Finding The Perfect Place To Live

Finding the perfect place to live can be challenging. There are so many factors that come into play when deciding where you want to live. You’ll want to choose a place with schools, shops, and entertainment all in one area. To make things easier, here are some places that you should consider.

Living In Singapore: 6 Things To Know Before You Move
Photo by Fleur Kaan

Tiong Bahru is an old housing estate-turned-city district in Singapore that features many traditional houses and the option for low-level living. The neighborhood is centrally located with great public transportation access that includes bus lines that take residents straight into downtown Singapore so residents can easily get around town quickly.

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Holland Village is a residential area close to the central business district and has easy access to transportation hubs. The apartments are small but cozy, with wide roads lined with trees. There are also many cafes in the area surrounding Holland Village that offer a quaint escape from bustling city life. 

Orchard Road is a major shopping belt in Singapore known for its expensive high-end stores and boutiques. This neighborhood is popular among people who want to work near town without being too close to it. 

Taking The Time To Check Out Singapore’s Tourist Attractions

One of the best things that you can do is explore the tourist attractions on your own. It might be tempting to spend all your time at work and never leave your apartment for fear of getting lost, but don’t worry about it. You can either take a taxi or other public transport options to get around and visit some of the popular tourist attractions.

If you are moving to a new home, there are some essential things to know before picking an apartment. The first is what kind of neighborhood do you want to live in? One may like living near a shopping center or near a school and park, These are just some of the many factors when choosing an apartment so it is important to think through these before committing to a lease. Check out an apartment for rent in Nashville.

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