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Let’s Talk About Skin Minimalism Trend, What is it & What Are The Benefits of it?

Let’s Talk About Skin Minimalism Trend, What is it & What Are The Benefits of it?

Let’s Talk About Skin Minimalism Trend, What is it & What Are The Benefits of it?
Let’s Talk About Skin Minimalism Trend, What is it & What Are The Benefits of it?
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A lots of beauty gurus and beauty influencers who talk about skin minimalism nowadays. Skin minimalism trend is an alternative for skin care enthusiasts who prefer simple ways to do skin treatment of their faces. They don’t need to do the ten skin care steps that were previously popular.

So, what exactly is skin minimalism?

Skin minimalism is a skincare trend where people want to use less products but with effective results. Basically, the trend of skin minimalism invites skincare enthusiast to use what their skin needs and teaches us to be more able to love skin conditions with all their flaws.

Benefits of skin minimalism trend

1. Save money and time

Reducing skincare steps means reducing the amount of skincare products and only using what the skin really needs. In this way, the time and money you need to use skincare is more efficient.

2. Reduce skin irritation

Too much formulas in makeup or skincare might irritate your skin. The active ingredients in skincare may irritate your skin and some of ingredients also cannot be combined.

3. Maximizing the results of one product

When doing 10-12 types of skincare, each product takes time for the product to really absorb into the skin. If your skin don’t allow it to penetrate the skin first, the results will not be optimal. This minimalist skin trend helps you get the most out of the skincare products you use.

4. Save the future

With the few products we use, we can reduce bottle waste and also invite us to care more about the life of the earth in the future.

How to start skin minimalism journey?

1. Choose the right skincare

First, you may choose some right products from Eight Saints skincare that may solve your skin problems at once. Using too much products for a lot skin problems sometimes also irritates the skin.

2. Focus on the skin problems

If you are still having trouble choosing products for your skin problems, try this second step. By focusing on the main skin problems, it will be easier for you to choose a series of products to use.

3. Choose multifunctional products

Choose a product with multifunctional ingredients to use in any areas.

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For example: use a facial moisturizer to moisturize the eye area, neck area and body. So you don’t need to use eye cream, neck cream, or hand body.

4. Look at the product ingredients

Finally, choose the ingredients in the product that can solve some skin problems. For example: if you have problems with fine lines, hyperpigmentation, and acne scars, you can use retinol.


The important thing of skin minimalism is to encourage women’s self-confidence by minimizing the use of makeup products. The skin minimalism trend also encourages women to accept the flaws in their skin.

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