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Kratom And Testosterone: What Is The Connection?

Kratom And Testosterone: What Is The Connection?

Kratom And Testosterone: What Is The Connection?
Kratom And Testosterone: What Is The Connection?
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From a scientific perspective, we are still evaluating many claims about the Mitragyna Speciosa tree and its world-famous Kratom leaves. So, there are many misconceptions about Kratom. One of these urban legends has surfaced: a link between this product and testosterone. You can get Maeng da to try it yourself.

What Is Testosterone?

It is a hormone present in men’s and females’ bodies. However, the amount of this hormone differs across the sexes. Testosterone is responsible for maintaining masculine features such as a beard in men. It is created in men’s testicles and is essential for developing masculine characteristics in males.

Low testosterone levels may lead to various problems in males, including cancer. As a result, men need to monitor their testosterone levels. Testosterone is a natural hormone that helps your body perform various functions if you did not know. It also serves a vital biological purpose. This hormone is naturally present in both men and women. There are some differences in the magnitude of this hormone which leads to some natural changes. 

Proponents of the Mitragyna plant have been establishing a Kratom-testosterone bridge for years. What is their central point? These products boost users’ libido (sex desire), particularly females. This factor might be since testosterone levels fluctuate after consumption. On the other hand, others continued to report that this product decreased their testosterone levels. So, who is correct? Nobody.

Although Kratom may or may not stimulate sexual desire, there is no scientific evidence linking this product to testosterone. Instead, we refer to this as anecdotal evidence or statements not based on science. What about those low testosterone levels? Opioid-induced androgen deficiency (OPIAD), a frequent adverse effect of prescription opioid drugs, has been detected in many Kratom users. Reduced testosterone levels are an unfavorable feature of OPIAD.

What Do Scientists Say About Testosterone And This product?

Remember how we stated there is still a lot to discover about the Kratom plant from a scientific standpoint? Fortunately, in 2018, a group of academics from the Universiti Sains Malaysia and the University of Florida collaborated to investigate the Kratom-testosterone link (or lack thereof). Their purpose was to clinically study testosterone levels in regular users after long-term Kratom tea/juice usage.

Over two years, 19 frequent users took comprehensive blood tests. These tests measured the patients’ testosterone levels and other biochemical data levels. Their findings showed that this product did not decrease testosterone levels in Kratom users, including female users, following a long-term dosage (76.23-94.15mg daily). The investigation stated that regular Kratom tea/juice use for lengthy periods (>2 years) did not lead to testosterone impairing effects in humans.

How Does this Product Affect the Human Body?

This product is a natural substance from Southeast Asia, where Mitragyna Speciosa trees grow in deep tropical jungles. The plant provides many significant advantages to this product users when consumed. According to consumers, the top motivations for using this product are pain relief, reduced symptoms of mental health disorders, and decreased reliance on chemical-based medicines.

Furthermore, these products are available in three groups, each with its own set of characteristics:

  • Red Vein Kratom is top-rated for assisting users in relaxing, unwinding, and falling asleep faster at the end of a hard day.
  • White Vein Kratom is an energetic strain that increases productivity and alertness.
  • Green Vein Kratom is arguably a mix of red and white vein products, making it the ideal strain for a daily wellbeing boost.
Kratom And Testosterone: What Is The Connection?
Source: Pixabay

What Did Users Have to Say?

Some users have reported reduced testosterone levels due to their usage. However, this product can boost men’s testosterone levels by activating their libido and increasing their sex desire. As a result, claiming that this product is to blame for their low testosterone levels is illogical.

The amount of Kratom and the frequency with which users consume it might be a factor since it relaxes the nerves of the person who takes it, and thus they may not experience the sexual drive. This topic leads to the following issue, which is dosage.

It is All About the Dosage

We all know that taking too much of something is terrible. As a result, it is only natural to recall this remark while using this product. Is it not true that you do not want your body to get hooked to anything? So, if you do not intend to develop any medical issue that might complicate your life, make sure you are using this product in moderation and taking a fair amount every time you take it.

We cannot discuss any plant or drug’s adverse effects without having scientific evidence. So, it is arguably too early to conclude the link between using this product and reduced testosterone levels. A variety of factors may influence hormonal balance. We can not blame this product just because that individual takes it.

We are all one-of-a-kind. The same substances may have varied effects on our thoughts and bodies. It is possible that what works for one user will not work for you. Start with a modest quantity of Kratom when trying a new product and gradually increase until you discover a dose that suits your requirements.

What effect does this product have on your testosterone?

There is no clear and precise answer since there are two sorts of studies, one claiming that it would boost testosterone and the other claiming that it would lower testosterone. On the other hand, according to some polls, regular users believe it has enhanced their libido and sexual drive.

However, according to a 2018 study, this product’s misuse may result in greater prolactin levels and lower testosterone levels.

Is it possible to increase testosterone levels when taking this product?

A controlled amount of Kratom may be beneficial since it energizes the body and aids with focus. At the same time, misuse of the same might be fatal and difficult to address. This product may cause tolerance and, as a result, withdrawal symptoms in the long term. If you start eating larger dosages, you expose your body to potentially adverse effects.

Whether or not Kratom may boost testosterone levels is one that experts are currently debating. Meanwhile, to live a healthy and happy life, you might consider including natural testosterone boosters in your daily routine.


It is preferable to utilize natural hormone boosters rather than experimenting with unproven methods. When used responsibly, kratom strains for anxiety may help revitalize your body, but your body can get hooked to it if you are not careful. If you take these products daily, you should complement your diet with dietary testosterone boosters to compensate for any t-level drops due to the drug.

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