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Korean Knit Crop Top Trend For Fall Fashion 2022

Korean Knit Crop Top Trend For Fall Fashion 2022

Korean Knit Crop Top Trend For Fall Fashion 2022

Knitted crop tops are wardrobe essentials in every season. With all knit material which simple and trendy, they can be worn in a variety of daily wear and we think trendy wardrobe staples will look perfect for fall fashion 2022 to be a little looser and more fun.

This year, our goal was to find beautiful and stylish tops or shirts that we could daily or office outfit for this fall trends 2022. For our editor’s quest, we rounded up all of our favorite fashion inspiration and created a list of Korean knitted crop tops that caught our attention right away.

Are knitted crop tops trending right now?

As much as we try to diversify our outfits, the thing most fashion influencers especially Korean girls wear for the fall 2022 trend and it went viral anywhere on Tiktok and Instagram feed, yup that’s right. They are easy and versatile and are usually resistant to wrinkling, all of which are good things for deciding what to wear during the most casual of seasons.

You live for the thrill of adding a few new pieces to your regular rotation at the start of each season. During the fall, the new item is usually a new crochet crop top or sometimes we need two.

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How to style a knit crop top like a Korean fashion blogger?

Scroll down our online search results as well as some fashion inspo of the chic knit tops trend and how to wearing right now to help spur some inspiration from Korean girls below and how to mix and match.

Wearing with mini skirt

Pairing with Loose Pants

With Short Pants

Shop The Knit Cropped Tops

OGAWA - Pointelle Knit Cropped Top
Sancus - Mock-Neck Short-Sleeve Knit Top
FROMBEGINNING - Puff-Sleeve Heart Cardigan
FROMBEGINNING - Short-Sleeve Cable-Knit Cardigan
FROMBEGINNING - Marine Stripe Knit Polo Shirt
FROMBEGINNING - Crewneck Pointelle-Knit Top
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