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The Most Favorite Looks Of Kendall Jenner’s Runway Moments

The Most Favorite Looks Of Kendall Jenner’s Runway Moments

She is the model right now. You’ve seen her Estée Lauder ads and follow her Instagram—now take a look back at Jenner’s most memorable moments on the runway.

From her fashion week introduction as a Marc Jacobs exclusive at the Fall 2014 show, to her current status as a catwalk staple for some of the hottest designers, see her 26 most stunning runway looks now. Wrapping up Paris Fashion Week, Jenner walked the runway at the Chanel show in a blush ensemble on March 8.

While fashion preferences are subjective, here are a few standout runway looks from Kendall Jenner’s appearances in 2016:

  1. Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show:
    • Kendall Jenner made her second appearance in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2016. One of her notable looks featured a lacy, red lingerie set with a flowing red silk robe. The ensemble showcased a perfect balance of sensuality and glamour.
  2. Balmain Spring/Summer 2017:
    • In the Balmain Spring/Summer 2017 runway show, Kendall donned a striking black and gold embellished mini dress with intricate detailing. The bold patterns and metallic elements captured the essence of Balmain’s edgy and luxurious aesthetic.
  3. Chanel Spring/Summer 2017:
    • Walking for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2017 show, Kendall wore a futuristic, silver metallic ensemble. The look included a sleek crop top, high-waisted pants, and a matching silver choker, embodying Chanel’s modern and avant-garde style.
  4. Versace Spring/Summer 2017:
    • At the Versace Spring/Summer 2017 runway, Kendall Jenner wore a vibrant, asymmetrical gown with a thigh-high slit. The bold color and sleek design showcased her statuesque figure and added a touch of drama to the runway.
  5. Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2017:
    • Kendall walked in Marc Jacobs’ Spring/Summer 2017 show wearing a sheer, ruffled dress with floral embellishments. The ethereal and romantic look was complemented by her minimal makeup and slicked-back hair.
  6. Givenchy Fall/Winter 2016:
    • In the Givenchy Fall/Winter 2016 runway show, Kendall donned a black, sheer lace gown with intricate embroidery. The dark and mysterious look perfectly aligned with Givenchy’s sophisticated and daring aesthetic.
  7. Dior Fall/Winter 2016:
    • Kendall walked in Dior’s Fall/Winter 2016 show wearing a tailored pantsuit with a cropped jacket. The androgynous yet chic ensemble showcased her versatility as a model.
  8. Fendi Fall/Winter 2016:
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