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Kate Middleton’s New Colored Hair Style

Kate Middleton’s New Colored Hair Style

Kate Middleton Colored dark Hair

The beauty Duchess of Cambridge “Kate Middleton” changing her hair style to looks glossy and blow. Richard Ward, have been interviewed in ,her hair stylish says “Try a silk protein or overnight mask treatment — damaged hair, split ends or dry-looking hair won’t work for this look.” Maybe this one of his tip to us. Yeah, but that’s true. Richard made Kate’s hair always looks stunning from time to time. Maybe for this time, Kate has colored dark hair with long wavy style.

We really admit it, Kate has beautiful hair style everyday we see. We called her as trendsetter for this case about hair styling.

Catherine Middleton attended the SportsAid dinner wearing her beauty hair blow down with the latest colored. She came to meets young athletes at the SportBalls in London, England.

Some tips have been give by Richard about to managed hair style like Kate’s, it may help you to re-conditioning your hair style. Examples:

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1. You need some more times like 45 minutes to do something with your hair.

2. Apply styling product and do blowdrying with serum moisture.

3. 80 % when you blowdrying your hair make sure you still have moisture/conditioner in your hair.

4. Drying each section using a round brush and makes sure not to close with the hair.

5. Keep rolling and you can do other activities like get dresses.

And also Richard said: whetever you do, don’t brush your hair.

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