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Jenna Dewan-Tatum Brought Her Baby to the Beach

Jenna Dewan-Tatum Brought Her Baby to the Beach

Last week, Jenna Dewan-Tatum brought her baby, Everly Tatum to the beach , in Puerto Rico. They were spotted happy together without daddy around, Channing Tatum, maybe papa still work hard in the next movie. They enjoyed the beach with some friends. Jenna said, her baby loves dancing and moving, she looks happy.

Not look like when pregnant, Jenna look slimmer and fresher look a few times when he holds the baby Everly. Jenna wearing a long maxi dress, and the dress is casual beach for a mother.

Jenna said, “Pregnancy, for me, was great. I had the best pregnancy—I wasn’t sick, I was happy, my hormones were working for me. Everything was good. It was like, right afterwards, you’re getting no sleep…You just have to get past that point and they start interacting with you, and it’s amazing.”

The baby having daddy’s face. Like Channing Tatum. :p

Mom.. I want to play in the water right now! If baby Everly could say something…

Love the dress Jenna worn. Looks relax enjoying the beach with the daughter.

What are you looking at, paparazi….?

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Baby Everly : “I just want to play with my mini little girrafe…”

Where’s the dad, Channing Tatum? How could he missing this lovely moment? Maybe he was busy and need to focus to filming the next movie. Good dad! Work hard!

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