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How Useful Is Block Colouring Hair Service?

How Useful Is Block Colouring Hair Service?

How Useful Is Block Colouring Hair Service?
How Useful Is Block Colouring Hair Service?
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Block colouring has become an immensely popular hair colouring technique in recent years. Unlike highlights or ombre colouring which focuses on lightening parts of the hair, block colouring involves applying one solid shade evenly across all hair strands. This creates a bold, sleek, and saturated finish that many find appealing. 

As per hair experts BeckY B, from celebrities on the red carpet to everyday women at the salon, block hair colour has proven itself versatile enough for any hair length, texture, or complexion. The surge in block colouring hair service popularity is easily understandable when one considers the numerous benefits block colouring offers.

Hiding Greys Effectively

One of the biggest reasons block colouring is useful is its ability to conceal greys efficiently. As we age, grey hairs start to sprout and it can seem impossible to cover them fully. With foils or balayage, some stubborn greys still tend to peak through. Block colour saturates every strand, effectively masking any signs of greys. This ensures hair looks shiny and youthful.

Lower Maintenance

Another useful element of block colouring is that grow-out is much less noticeable. The regrowth blends seamlessly into the rest of the hair, unlike with highlighted hair when darker roots become prominently visible. This makes maintaining the look much easier. Retouching block coloured hair every 8-10 weeks is typically enough, rather than more frequent touch ups. Less visits to the stylist makes it a cost and time efficient choice.

Bold, Playful Change   

Tired of the same uncomplicated blonde or brown? Block colouring allows for exciting experimentation with vibrant shades like purples, blues and reds. The full saturation brings out maximum intensity in the colour. For those seeking to make a fierce or playful change to their look, block colouring grants a broad palette of options. Many find creating such a high contrast look compared to their natural hair colour immensely fulfilling.

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Flattering Finish

Well executed block hair colour has a very polishing effect on one’s appearance. The richness of tone and how it magnifies shine adds incredible dimension. Styled straight creates a bold, sleek impression. Adding waves or curls amplifies volume and movement. Compared to colouring only the mid lengths or ends, blocking the entire head draws attention upwards, accentuating facial features. Mastering a flawlessly finished block of colouring requires precision and skill, so it is best left to experienced colourists.  

Something to Consider  

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Block colouring offers longevity, ease of maintenance and maximum impact for those seeking a bold new hairstyle change. Book a consultation with an experienced stylist at a reputable salon. They can thoroughly assess your hair, show shade swatches, discuss results and expectations. With professional guidance, block colouring services can prove exceptionally useful in reinventing one’s look.

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