How To Wear Outfit With Platform Shoes

How To Wear Outfit With Platform Shoes

How To Wear Outfit With Platform Shoes – These height-boosting shoes have recently made a comeback. The truth of the matter is it can be hard to pull off! So if you want to avoid looking like a fashion victim, then follow these trendy ways on how to wear platform shoes.

How To Wear Outfit With Platform Shoes

How To Wear Outfit With Platform Shoes

Placing is important, especially when it comes to wearing platform shoes. So if you decide to buy platform sandals, choose a style that has straps near the ankle. This can create an illusion of skinny legs, since it accentuates the narrowest part of your legs: your ankles. If you want to try boyish platform shoes (think oxfords or boots,) then pair it with a softer or girlier look. The harmony between the masculinity of your footwear and the femininity of your outfit can create a chic androgynous look.

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Platform shoes are statement footwear by themselves. Avoid looking like you are an over-ornamented Christmas tree by wearing simple garb. Don’t lean towards busy-printed attires, as people will have a hard time on comprehending your style.

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If you find it hard to choose an outfit that will go with your platform shoes, know this: you can never go wrong with black. Wear it with black platforms and you will look taller instantly. Platform shoes can give you an unprecedented height boost. Best for petite ladies, these shoes can make your legs look longer. Maximize this illusion by flaunting your legs in a mini dress, mini skirt or shorts.

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Platform shoes come in a wide variety of colors. If you want to make a statement, then opt for a shocking color, like yellow or pink. With such a hue, the shoes will be impressive  definitely eye-catching on its own. So if you decide to pick such a shade, keep the rest of your outfit relatively toned down.