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How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024

How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024

How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024
How To Style Striped Pants For Fall Fashion Trend
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We already known these stripes are going to be popular this spring/summer, as we have seen this trend since fall, i am right?

This probably won’t be the easiest trend to pull off, but when done right, this unique look can be sophisticated and chic. Clearly, these stripes went far beyond the classic navy-and-white nautical ones we all know and love, but they absolutely have just as much statement-making appeal. Another reason why striped trousers continue to reign supreme in the fashion world is their ability to add instant flair to any look. Feeling a bit blah? Throw on a pair of striped pants, and suddenly, you’re channeling major street style vibes. It’s like magic, I tell you!

First things first, let’s address the elephant in the room: Striped trousers have been making waves for quite some time now. From the classic pinstripes to bold, colorful stripes, these pants have been a staple in many wardrobes, adding that extra oomph to any outfit. But the big question remains: Are they still trending in 2024?

The short answer? Absolutely! Striped trousers are like that trusty friend who’s always there for you, no matter what. They’re versatile, they’re chic, and they’re here to stay. Whether you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed or flipping through the pages of your favorite fashion magazine, you’re bound to spot someone rocking a pair of striped pants like nobody’s business.

I know, striped trousers or these stripes pants can be a bit intimidating at first glance. I mean, how do you even begin to style them without looking like you raided a clown’s closet, right? But don’t, my fashion-forward friends, because I’ve got some fashionable tips to help you rock those stripes like a it fashion girl on 2024.

Type of stripes

How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024
IG: lglora

First things first, let’s talk about the type of stripes we’re dealing with here. Whether they’re horizontal or vertical, it’s all about finding what works best for your body type and personal style. If you’re on the shorter side, vertical stripes can help elongate your legs and create the illusion of height. On the other hand, if you’re blessed with legs for days, horizontal stripes can add some curves and dimension to your look.

How to style them

How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024
Mason Pant by The Reformation

Now, onto the fun part: styling those striped trousers! For a laid-back, casual vibe, pair them with a white tee and some classic sneakers. It’s the perfect look for a day out with friends or running errands around town. Throw on a denim jacket or a cozy cardigan when the weather gets a bit chilly, and you’re good to go.

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Try mixing patterns and textures

Object short sleeved knitted t-shirt and trouser co-ord in monochrome stripe
Monochrome stripe by ASOS

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Try mixing patterns and textures to take your outfit to the next level. A striped trouser paired with a floral blouse or a bold graphic tee can add some serious personality to your ensemble. Just remember to keep the rest of your accessories simple to let those stripes take center stage.

And let’s not forget about footwear

How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024
ASOS DESIGN washed linen look fisherman pant in stripe

Whether you’re a fan of flats, heels, or sandals, there’s a shoe out there to complement your striped trousers. Play around with different styles and colors to find what speaks to you. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite shoe-and-pant combo!

Have fun with your look

How To Style Striped Trousers For Spring/Summer 2024
ASOS DESIGN Petite co-ord flare leg trouser in pinstripe

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with your look. Fashion is all about expressing yourself and taking risks, so don’t be shy about trying out new styles and trends. After all, life’s too short to stick to the same old boring spring/summer wardrobe staples.

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