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How to Style Classic Tweed Blazer Like Parisian Girls

How to Style Classic Tweed Blazer Like Parisian Girls

How to Style Classic Tweed Blazer Like Parisian Girls

When people talk about “tweed” comes to mind, it is usually followed by “old”, like “grandma” because that is what comes to everyone’s mind. The Chanel-inspired tweed jacket is a classic and timeless staple for any modern woman wardrobe, and it will become work for fall/winter fashion and every season after.

The fact this tweet blazer looks just as good in an off-duty combination as it does in a sophisticated ensemble makes it an ideal jacket to wear wherever you go and a smart piece of investment. Tweed is not for those aged 70+ only. In fact, you should take style lessons from those grannies. Tweed is beautiful and we think a tweed jacket should find a place in everyone’s wardrobe, just look at the current style of French girls nowadays.

They look great in off-duty combinations when you want to get dressed and look just as good in a sophisticated ensemble for Paris street style. It’s the perfect outerwear choice that transitions seamlessly from work to play.

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A tweed jacket is definitely an essential element for a power dressing. Along with the blazer jacket, the tweed jacket is a fall wardrobe for modern working woman’s business. And there are plenty of ways to style your tweed jacket without looking old. Here is a how to style tweed blazer inspired by beautiful Parisian bloggers.

With Mini Skirt

Choose the brighter color

Pair With Denim

Choose The Blazer Crop Top

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