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How To Look Formal Yet Stylish On Christmas Dinner Party

How To Look Formal Yet Stylish On Christmas Dinner Party

How To Look Formal Yet Stylish On Christmas Dinner Party

A lot of Christmas cards start being spread on December, you may also get one or some Christmas party invitations. Or, maybe you’re the one of family member or someone who hosting the Christmas dinner party. Or, maybe you are invited to a Christmas dinner with your boyfriend and his family. Or, you’re going to an Office Christmas dinner and you’re going to have a office party afterwards.

Seriously, how do we combine formal and party attire in a way that actually looks fashionable? Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think. The key is to take aspects from both categories that you like—like fancy blazers and neutral dresses paired them with chic high heels or ankle boots for the dance floor, that’s how the job is done.

In the next few days, you may find your closet is not ready for Christmas Attire 2022. We have found some fashion inspos How To Look Formal Yet Stylish On Christmas Dinner Party from fashion bloggers on Instagram, whether it’s dresses, knit sweaters, and jeans so you can look your best, stylish, feel comfy whether you’re hosting or attending.

1. Black sequin blouse and loose pants

The key to success in any outfit, regardless of the occasion like attending art community, is combining formal elements with some casual clothing or accessories. Like a black sequin blouse and loose pants, it will give an elegant and formal impression.

2. White short and camisole dress

Style an oversized white shirt over camisole dress. Make outfit more attractive, fashionable and comfortable for all events.

3. Black Dresses

Or go for this elegant and timeless statement black dresses, because it’s an all-time to get minimalist looks. Don’t forget to pair your best heels with matching colors.

4. Go for short pants + tights + high knee boots

Another stylish way, you can wear a shorts over stockings and pair them with high-knee boots or booties. You can add layers to your top with a coat or a chic blazer. You are ready to party!

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5. Sweater dress for a minimalist outfit

You can still wear a sweater dress to a party, but in a simple way, and you don’t need to add too many accessories.

6. Knitwear for any outfits

Choosing knitwear is the safe and important thing when choosing a winter wardrobe. Wear them with some formal attire, like long satin skirt over the booties. Or you can wear them with black short pants only. You will look more chicer and get the formal look!

7. The midi dress

This is the best thing to wear as party attire if you have christmas dinner invitation with your boyfriend and his family. It’s modest, chic, and absolutely will make you look beautiful.

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