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How To Choose The Right-Fit Bikini For Your Body Type?

How To Choose The Right-Fit Bikini For Your Body Type?

How To Choose The Right-Fit Bikini For Your Body Type?
How To Choose The Right-Fit Bikini For Your Body Type?

Every body type is beautiful in its way. Whether you choose your wedding dress, prom dress, or bikini, the first step is to believe that you are lovely in your body shape. Most people do not find the right bikini for their body type because they are unaware of some essential points to consider while purchasing. But you won’t have to adjust the tugged fabric of your swimwear anymore, whether at a beach in Florida or your swimming pool. 

We won’t let it happen to you. For that, we mention tips on finding the right size and style of bikini for your body shape. Read on to learn the essentials and flaunt your body type.

What is your body type?

You must have seen people look different not only by face but also by their bodies. So, you must know your body type and shape before going shopping not only for a bikini but also for other attires. There are five types of body types:

  • Athletic
  • Hourglass
  • Pear
  • Apple
  • Rectangle

It is worth citing that you can have any of the above shapes with any weight. It makes shopping easier and more convenient.

Fortunately, various sizes and shapes are available in Florida swimwear. You can look through the designs, patterns, and types depending on what will suit your body the best. Moreover, you can ask for help from the experts regarding the kind of bathing suit that should complement your shape.

How to choose a bikini for a particular shape and type?

Athletic Shape

An athletic body is also famous among people as an inverted triangle type. It means you have broad shoulders but straight hips, waist, and chest. For such body type, you can:

Hourglass Shape

Do you have evenly proportioned hips and busts? Well, if yes, then you have an hourglass figure. Although you can have an hourglass shape even when you’re slender. For such type, you can:

  • Choose the design and pattern according to how much you wish to emphasize your curves
  • If you want to highlight your slim waist, better pick high-waisted bikinis.
  • Go for matching patterns rather than mixing or contrasting.

Pear Shape

Pear is a triangle shape wherein women have narrow shoulders, smaller busts, and wider hips. Such body types give you ample options to experiment, so choose:

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  • Bold patterns for your tops with a plunging neckline and padded cups
  • High cut bottoms
  • Solid figure-flattering colors

Apple Shape

It is a type where women are proportionate in all body parts. They have broader shoulders, hips, waist, and heavier busts. For an apple-shaped body, you can:

  • Pick side ties and patterned bottoms
  • Halter tops and plunging necklines
  • Tankini top and high-waist bottom

Rectangle Shape

It is more like a straight silhouette. Women have slimmer waists, smaller busts, and narrower shoulders and hips. There is a variety of swimwear you can choose for such types:

  • Triangle tops with side-tie bottoms
  • one-piece bathing suits
  • Bold patterns, frills, colors, and more.

Bottom Line

Whether selecting it for a pool or to surf on the beach, you must carry it all confidently. Besides choosing the right one according to your body type, it is crucial that you feel good about yourself.

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