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How To Choose The Best Hats For Men With Big Heads

How To Choose The Best Hats For Men With Big Heads

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Every individual has different face shapes and head sizes which are significant factors in one’s fashion taste and style. If you’re a big fan of hats and wear one almost every day when you go out or during your work, you must consider various factors before purchasing one, and that includes the size of your head.

Determining the size of your head is vital in choosing the right hat to ensure it perfectly fits. Moreover, you should also check if you can pull off that hat style.

If you’re someone with a big head size, you might have some trouble finding the perfect hat that offers comfortability and fits your style. Worry no more because this article will guide you with some tips on choosing the best hats for men with big heads so you can confidently flaunt yourself without any hesitation and maintain your self-esteem. 

Read on to know how to choose the best hats for men with big heads.

  1. Look For Shops That Can Cater Your Needs

If you’re looking for hats for men with big heads, you can start by searching for the right shop that can offer you hats that cater to a wide variety of sizes. You can check out some shops like American Hat Makers and inquire if they have customized, handmade hats or if they do made-to-order ones. 

If you’re considering buying one online, just remember to double-check it because it may look good in the photo but may not fit your head size and your style. 

  1. Choose The Style That Can Go With Any Outfit

If you plan on getting a hat, you may want to choose a style that can go with any outfit. May it be casual or semi-formal, the hat should suit the outfit that you’re wearing and maintain being stylish

If you’re looking for a lightweight hat that will fit the size of your head, you may want to consider buying a mesh cowboy hat. Moreover, you can also choose a sun hat to keep you covered during your heavy work or day-out activities.

  1. Know Your Face Shape And Head Size 

Before choosing a style for a hat, you must know the factors to consider in determining its size, especially if you have a big head. To avoid adding more size or emphasis to your big head, you should understand how to choose a hat for your facial shape. 

First, use a measuring tape to determine your head size accurately. Second, try selecting the correct hat while considering your face shape and determine which hat styles will highlight your most outstanding features.

  1. Think About The Overall Design Of The Hat

It would be best to choose a headband for the hat that isn’t too broad but not too small. The hats suitable for men with big heads are the ones slightly tilted down in the front and up in the back. Moreover, you can aim for a huge and custom-fitted hat with a fine, slight shape on top rather than anything too little.

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Additionally, it’s usually a good idea to gently tilt the hat to the side to make it seem more stylish. If you have a larger head, avoid wearing a broad crown or a thick contrasting headband since both will make your head appear even more significant. Some of the best hats for men with big heads are mesh sun hats, leather packable hats, and fedoras.

  1. Consider Your Comfortability And The Materials Used For The Hat 

You may have come up with a design for your hat that fits your head size, but it is also vital to consider its comfortability. Being stylish isn’t enough if you’re not comfortable wearing the hat, which can lead to taking it off consistently if you’re irritated.

Moreover, you should also check on the quality of the materials used for the hat to know if it’s worth the price. You may get an expensive hat that is perfect for the size of your head, but not be sure of its quality. Hence, it’s wise to ask the shops about the materials they’re using for their hats before purchasing one to ensure it has high quality.

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The best hat for men with big heads may be easy to spot, but this will still depend on your self-confidence level how much you flaunt it while wearing it. When it comes to picking the right hat for your face shape and head size, comfort and confidence are critical, so don’t forget to keep your head up while wearing various hat styles.

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