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How To Bring Your Fashion Style into Your Home

How To Bring Your Fashion Style into Your Home

How To Bring Your Fashion Style into Your Home
How To Bring Your Fashion Style into Your Home
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It’s a pivotal moment when you find a signature style that isn’t purely about following the latest fashions. Maybe you’ve found tones that best complement your colouring or a cut that flatters your figure. Perhaps you stick to monochrome or pattern is your passion. Whatever your style, why not bring it into your home? Here how.

Colour Co-ordination

If your wardrobe is made up of jewel tones such as plum, teal, and raspberry, consider bringing these into your home, especially if you’re a fan of the regency period. These rich colours are perfect for accessories in velvets and silks, encompassing the opulence of the time – think Bridgerton! Ice cream tones and pastels are great for making small spaces look larger and lighter, which is good news if baby pinks and powder blues are your favourites. Stacey Solomon is a fan of this style of décor with the nursery she decorated for daughter Rose blending pinks and whites for a room every little girl would love.

Patterns Galore

If bold prints are your style then you are bang on trend. Statement wallpaper and Victorian floor tiles are popular right now with celebrities and Instagram influencers proudly showing off their pattern-filled homes. Dianne Buswell and Joe Sugg opted for palm tree print on their bedroom walls but allow your imagination to go wild with bold florals, abstract prints, and statement stripes – choose to decorate a feature wall or be brave and mix it up with clashing prints. Embrace your style!

Monochrome Magic

Grey has been a popular colour in home design ever since Mrs Hinch rose to fame and dressing in monochrome never goes out of style. If blacks, whites, and greys make up the bulk of your wardrobe, consider replicating the look in your home. Perfect for minimalist homes with angular furniture, or soften the look by adding cushions, throws, and plush rugs.

Sparkle and Shine

If you’re all about the glitter and sequins on a night out, add sparkle to your home to replicate your style. Use texture to add interest to your home and update picture frames to silvers, golds, and chromes. Less is often more so be selective where you place your shiny additions. Bathrooms are the natural choice, but bedrooms and hallways are also good options as small adjustments such as adding chandelier style light shades and switching plain cupboard door handles with crystal replacements can give a plain room a whole new look.

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Vintage Vixen

For those who love vintage clothes and scouring second-hand shops for retro items, it is easy to add the look to your home. Online selling sites are great for picking up nostalgic items such as lava lamps, rotary dial phones and fun inflatable furniture so bring a kitsch vibe into your house.

Whatever your fashion choice, stamp your style on your home to make it truly unique and, most importantly, reflective of you. Your home should be as much fun as your outfits!

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