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How Do I Shop Safely Online Today?

How Do I Shop Safely Online Today?

How Do I Shop Safely Online Today?
How Do I Shop Safely Online Today?
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Technology has improved by a great margin over the past few decades revolutionizing how almost every industry works. Activities like shopping can now be done effortlessly thanks to the introduction of e-Commerce websites. Numerous businesses have spontaneously joined the online platform to meet the high demand for different products online.

Your choice of platform such as superbuys warehouse plays a crucial role not just in the quality of purchases you make but also in your safety as an online shopper. There are a lot of scammers that will take advantage of you on the first chance that they get if you are not as careful online. Use the following tips highlighted below to determine how you can stay safe when shopping for anything online today.

Shop from HTTPS sites 

Some websites have HTTP at the start of their URL while others have HTTPS. The difference between the two is in how one is insecure and not advisable for shopping. The best sites for consideration have the padlock symbol before the URL and that is followed by HTTPS before the URL details of the website follow. If a site is also not SSL certified, one may better off check other options on their shortlist. You may use URL scan API to check whether a given URL is safe, contains malicious content, or has a good reputation.

Never share personal details 

Phishing is a trapping procedure that tricks Internet users into submitting crucial information to suspicious sites. You must be alert as to what information you are giving away online when creating your account on any e-commerce platform. No website will need your social security number so avoid being naïve. Once internet frauds get hold of your credit card number among other details, they may steal from you and even use your details to commit other scams that could leave you implicated in the same.

Create strong and unique passwords

Most shopping sites demand that customers create an account with them first before they can commence perusing the contents being sold on the site. You need to set up secure passwords not just for the account but also for your money transaction channels like online wallets. When you use obvious information like your name combined with birthdays and such obvious details, getting hacked becomes easier should you be made a target. Try setting complex passwords or better yet resort to the secure suggested password your search engine will derive for you. The harder your password is to figure out, the fewer your chances of being hacked. 

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Shop via a secure Wi-Fi network 

Since online shopping relies on your connectivity to the internet, mind the kind of network that you use. When on public Wi-Fi, avoid logging in to shopping sites and personal accounts as your details can be fished. Hackers also have an easy time hacking your phone or computer when you are both on the same network and they might just go ahead to steal both your finances and use your details for impersonation. The ideal option would be to resort to mobile data or better yet use a secure Wi-Fi network at home where your security will be guaranteed.

5. Verify seller authenticity 

As you will learn from the introductory text not all sellers are to be trusted online. Before you decide on where to shop from, do background research on the seller just to be sure that you avoid all scammers. The seller not only needs to be licensed but must also have quality testimonials that showcase their ability to satisfy customer demands. The quality of goods sold on the site should also be considered, not forgetting reasonable pricing that will fit your affordability demands. Physical address contacts and contact details should also be provided and verified along with top-quality professional care service for customers. 

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