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Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for Healthier, Happier Hair

Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for Healthier, Happier Hair

Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for Healthier, Happier Hair
Hair Care Mistakes to Avoid: Tips for Healthier, Happier Hair
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Everyone loves and wants healthy-looking hair. The shiny, wavy, voluminous, healthy hair is attractive and makes you happy. However, while many people want that, it doesn’t happen to them due to some hair care mistakes.

You comb your hair and notice it’s breaking or doesn’t look as good as the last time you remember. Other people battle with hair frying, scalp drying, loss of shine, and others. To prevent all of these, you must take hair care seriously.

Here are hair care mistakes to avoid:

1. Too much or too little shampooing

One hair care mistake to avoid is shampooing too often or not doing that enough. Of course, shampooing your hair is necessary hair care; however, it can damage your hair when it’s too much. It can remove your hair’s natural oils, leaving it vulnerable to damage, drying, color fading, and other issues.

On the other hand, not shampooing enough can result in build-ups in your hair. You might end up clogging your hair pores with debris and dirt. There is no universal rule guiding how often to shampoo your hair a week, but you can monitor how your hair reacts to how often you wash it.

For example, you’re probably doing too much if you have a greasy scalp or dry ends afterward. In addition, you should use safe and gentle shampoos on your hair, like keratin-infused products.

2. Frequent use of chemical straighteners

Thick wavy, natural hair can be stressful to comb and care for, especially for black women. And one way people ease the stress is by using chemical straighteners on their hair. This loosens the natural bonds in the hair, straightening it and making it easier to comb.

While that sounds nice, it has its side effects. It can weaken and break the hair, cause scalp irritation, and long-term damage. However, beyond your hair, chemical straighteners or hair relaxers contain toxic chemicals that can increase your risk of uterine or ovarian cancer.

If you’re one of the unlucky people to suffer the effects of toxic chemicals in hair products, you can pursue a legal suit against the manufacturer and seek monetary compensation.

You can get a hair relaxer legal representation to assist you in getting compensation for the damage done due to using toxic chemical straighteners. However, it’s best that you prevent that from happening, and reduce chemical straightener use.

3. Plucking out gray hair

Almost everyone is guilty of plucking out gray hair at one point or the other, especially when it’s premature. While it may seem innocent, it’s not a great idea. Pulling out gray hair makes it worse, as the hair will grow back even more coarse. They also become more noticeable than before.

Instead of pulling out the gray hair you noticed, you should consider using hairspray to color it to match the remaining hair. Otherwise, you can just let it be.

4. Brushing too wet or dry hair

Another hair care mistake that can damage your hair is brushing it when it’s dripping wet or too dry. People make mistakes when brushing their hair and are often surprised when their hair breaks. Detangling your hair when it’s too wet damages the hair, as the wetness makes it vulnerable.

Combing wet hair can easily pull strands and damage the hair. Likewise, combing dry hair can strain the hair and scalp and can be painful. Ensure you dampen and soften the hair before combing it. Then, use a wide-toothed or soft-bristled comb or brush, and brush from the end to the root to limit the damage.

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5. Using heat tools too often

Straightening or curling your hair makes it look good and easy to comb and style. Curling irons and straighteners use heat to manipulate your hair, which isn’t great for healthy hair. Eventually, the heat exhausts the hair, causing it to break and resulting in unhealthy-looking hair.

Therefore, you should reduce using blow dryers, curlers, or straighteners on your hair. You shouldn’t heat style your hair more than once a week. Give blow-drying breaks in between to avoid damaging your hair.

6. Washing hair with hot water

Hot showers are soothing after long, stressful hours at work. As soothing as they are for your skin, they are not doing much for your hair. Hot water opens the hair pores and can cause dryness, frizz, or brittleness.

Use warm water to wet hair instead. Then, rinse the shampoo and conditioner with cold water. This helps to close the cuticles and makes your hair shiny.


Desiring healthy hair isn’t enough; you must put in the work. Your hair’s major problem is what you do or don’t do to it. Therefore, avoid everything listed in this article and things that can potentially damage your hair.

Instead, ensure you eat the right diet, use the right shampoo, air dry your hair, and identify what works for your hair and what doesn’t.

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