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Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits

Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits

Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits
Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits
Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits

To be truly fashionable, you must be willing to look beyond the catwalks and glossy magazine pages that dominate store shelves. To make a statement and create a signature style, alternative fashion is where it’s at.

Fortunately, there are endless options when it comes to alternative fashion movements. Here are five alternative fashion looks to inspire you when you need a change.

Gothic Lolita

The Lolita fashion movement has been around for decades. It’s evolved from the cuteness movement to a variety of subsets that have something to offer for everyone. Lolita fashion subsets include classic, sweet, steampunk, sailor, country, and more. You can visit Devil Inspired and see the different styles.

Gothic Lolita is one of the three main subsets, with classic and sweet. While this look also uses ultra-feminine dresses, ruffles, petticoats, and Victorian-inspired cuts, it’s a little darker and more melancholy. Even so, Gothic Lolita attire shouldn’t be confused with the Goth alternative fashion movement. While Gothic Lolitas tend to wear dark colors, the clothing tends to be more refined with lighter makeup and more natural hair than the Goth look.

Soft Grunge

The grunge fashion movement is perhaps one of the most iconic in modern history. This look is deeply rooted in the 1990s music industry, which was born out of the rebellion of the often over-the-top 1980s rock fashion. You might be keen to find out what is 90s grunge fashion, in which case you need to keep reading. 

Soft grunge is an evolution from the original fashion movement, which started to appear around 2010. Sometimes referred to as pastel grunge, this alternative fashion movement takes some of the core elements of grunge— oversized flannel shirts, Converse, etc.— and balances it with some more refined pieces.

To capture the soft grunge look, pair a band t-shirt with slim-fitting distressed jeans and combat boots. Bring it together with a floppy beanie, mismatched jewelry, and florals.

Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits

Get Inspired By These Top 5 Alternative Fashion Outfits


Hippie culture has always been a source of fascination. The idea of living in a time that promotes free love and a connection with the world can seem abstract in our technology-dominated modern times. 

While often associated solely with hippies, the bohemian alternative fashion movement actually dates back hundreds of years to the French Bohemians. These traveling artists and creatives felt lost in the world after the French Revolution and were known for their flowing, versatile clothing— which inspired the hippie movement of the 1960s.

To style a bohemian-inspired outfit, think loose, flowing fabrics that allow for restriction-free movement. Think mismatched prints, natural fabrics, and sandals or shoes that will enable you to dance in the rain.

Rockabilly Pin-Up

The Rockabilly pin-up alternative fashion style takes a more refined approach to the 1950s and 1960s. Instead of freestyling in the fields like the Bohemians, this style required a bit more rebellious conventionalism and attention to detail. 

Rockabilly and pin-up were all about self-expression during a time when rock-and-roll was new and scary. It was powerful enough to remain a fashion subculture 70 years later.

For ladies, vintage dresses and pin-up cuts with bold red lipstick is a must. Men can’t go wrong with a vintage leather jacket.


Normcore is an alternative fashion movement that was born out of irony in a hyper-fashionable society. Normcore is the absence of any notable attire or accessories. In essence, it’s anti-fashion that makes a statement in a world that’s devoted to putting on a show.

Steve Jobs, in his jeans at huge industry events, is the essence of normcore. The beauty of this fashion movement is the confidence with which you wear your favorite t-shirt and Keds at a dinner party. It’s the shedding of pretenses and refusing to present yourself as someone you aren’t. 

How can you rock normcore? Put on your favorite outfit to wear when you have no plans, then go out and do things.

The key to rocking an alternative fashion look is to throw the playbook out the window and make it your own. Find a style you love, then add bits of your personality for something that’s uniquely you. 

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