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Familiar Dental Problems That Can Be Fixed With Cosmetic Dentistry

Familiar Dental Problems That Can Be Fixed With Cosmetic Dentistry

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If you want to have a smile that can brighten up someone else’s day, then cosmetic dentistry is what you need.

This niche in the dental industry offers many services that can enhance your teeth and give you more confidence to show them. It is also the best solution to some common dental problems, from minor, aesthetic issues to complex defects that affect overall health. Below are some of them:

Discolouration or Stains on the Teeth

Stains and other discolourations of the teeth are common and nothing to be alarmed about. Still, it can impact your confidence when smiling and could affect your social interactions negatively. Cosmetic dentists from Toorak Dental Studio (or a similar dental practice in your area) offer a great solution in teeth whitening treatments. In this technique, whitening sprays or other similar products are applied at the clinic or dental office to whiten your teeth and remove the blemishes. They also offer spot-coloured treatments for more extensive discolourations.

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Chipped or Worn Teeth

Normal activities can cause your teeth to chip or its edges worn. Biting on something that turns out to be too hard for your chompers or hitting it inadvertently on something hard are just some situations where this can easily happen.

Cosmetic dentistry has dental bonding treatments that can easily deal with these types of imperfections. For more extensive damage, other procedures such as dental veneers are more appropriate.

Crooked or Misshapen Teeth

Those born with crooked or misshapen teeth do not have to go through life enduring such conditions. The same applies to people whose teeth have gaps in between them. Aside from being unsightly, it can make chewing or eating difficult, ultimately affecting your overall health.

Cosmetic dentists can perform tooth-coloured dental bonding, inlays, outlays, crowns, reshaping, braces, or whichever dental treatment is appropriate. The sooner you have it done, the better.



Cavities are common dental ailments, but they should never be ignored. Neglected tooth decay could lead to worse problems that would need more complex and expensive treatments. In extreme cases, it can lead to other conditions that could never be fixed by cosmetic dentistry.

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Nip the problem in the bud by having dental cavities dealt with right away. Silver fillings are available, but the stark contrast in terms of colour could be off-putting for some patients. Another option is to use tooth-coloured fillings made from composite resin. They are inconspicuous and would not disrupt the appearance of your smile. If you’ve had cavities dealt with before and have lasting damage or small imperfections around the top of your teeth, it might be worth considering caps for your teeth to both protect any weaknesses from further damage and improve the appearance of your teeth.

Missing Teeth

If you have lost more than two teeth for any reason, partial dentures can easily fix it. However, for one or two missing teeth, crowns and bridges are better options. These treatments are less complex and would involve lower costs compared to partial dentures.

Loss of Teeth

The total loss of teeth can be debilitating in many ways. First, it makes chewing and eating very difficult, which prevents you from getting the proper amount of nourishment from the food you eat. Another problem with tooth loss is its effect on your confidence. Even the most confident people would have reservations about smiling in public absent a full set of teeth.

Trust the Professional

A healthy set of teeth is extremely beneficial for a good quality of life. It can help you procure the optimum nourishment from the food that you consume. In addition, it can improve your social life significantly by enhancing your appearance. Both are very good reasons to smile.

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