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Everything You Need To Know About The Wolf Haircut Trends

Everything You Need To Know About The Wolf Haircut Trends

Everything You Need To Know About The Wolf Haircut Trends

The wolf cut hairstyles are now trending if you scroll through social media, such as TikTok or Instagram. You can find these style inspiration and cutting methods in the hashtag #wolfcut. Even there are a lot hairdresser that offer this hair cut services which quite similar to mullet hairstye. But, the wolf cut is not the same as the mullet. Let’s read at the following explanation:

What is Wolf Cut?

The wolf haircut is part of modern version of the mullet hairstyle, with a wispy layer shape, and a high trap cut, so when you style it, your hair resembles wolf fur. This hairstyle will frame the face and also gives more volume to the top of the hair. At first glance, this haircut looks like a mullet, but the shape is more modern and versatile. This haircut was first popular because of South Korean hairstylists. As ‘introduced’ by male and female K-pop artists. Some wolf cut hairstyles are given an additional permanent blow to keep the shape cool without extra need to fix it every day.

The difference between Wolf Cut, Shaggy, and Mullet

Technically those three, wolf cut, shaggy, and mullet are quite similar. All three cut kind of choppy style and sometimes using special hair razor. How to cut a wolf cut is to divide the hair into several sections, so it would create large trap shape. While shaggy only focus on choppy layers. Mullets have more in common with the wolf haircut, but mullet is usually quite short at the top, so that it resembles shorten more.

So, If you want to try a new haircut without making it too short, you can try this wolf haircuts trend. There are a lot of hair lengths for the wolf cut style. The shape is longer at the bottom and shorter at the top, perfect for a summer hairstyle!

What should you know before getting a wolf haircut?

The main thing to know is that the shorter layers at the top will take longer to gro. It might be a good idea to cut some of the length down the back when you decide to lengthen it. This will allow the shorter layers to catch up in length more quickly.

So, what are the best style of wolf haircut?

Short Wolf Cut

The wolf cut hairstyle was originally inspired by men’s haircuts. This haircut is focusing on the hair shoulder-length or slightly above the neck. Because of the cutout character of the layer in this cut, the wolf cut is generally suitable for you who have thick short hair.

Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs

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This wolf cut with curtain bangs are trending thanks to Billie Eilish. The tousled arrangement makes the haircut even more perfect. The combination with curtain bangs is the most common wolf cut style you can find anywhere.

Hair Colouring Wolf Cut

Everything You Need To Know About The Wolf Haircut Trends

To make it look chicer, you can combine this hairstyle with balayage haircolor. Example, you can try a blonde balayage on the lower half of your hair and leave the top part dark.

Curly Wolf Cut

If the curls are perfectly defined, the longer layers around our face will give the look dimension and volume.

Long Wolf-Cut

If your hair is wavy, this long wolf cut is the best one for you.

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