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Engagement Rings: Are They Meant To Be Worn Every Day?

Engagement Rings: Are They Meant To Be Worn Every Day?

Engagement Rings: Are They Meant To Be Worn Every Day?
Engagement Rings: Are They Meant To Be Worn Every Day?
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If you are planning to get engaged to your partner, congrats from us to you; it isn’t every day that you make a life-long commitment and no doubt you are thinking about the engagement ring. Who wouldn’t be? One of the common questions a newly engaged girl asks is whether or not they can wear the diamond ring all the time, which will be explored in this short article.

Personal Choice

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the wearing of an engagement ring. In the past, society was more rigid and an upper-class woman would be expected to wear her engagement/wedding ring whenever outside the home. This would be primarily to ward off potential male admirers; men instinctively look for a ring on the third finger of the left hand to see whether she is in a relationship, yet we live in different times, with gender equality arriving with a bang!

Customised Engagement Rings

More couples are realising the many benefits of designing their own engagement ring. If you want to design a cool black diamond engagement ring, for example, you may want to buy black diamond from Certified Diamond Network or any custom jeweller wholesale, which saves you money. You choose every aspect of the ring – from the metal used to the gemstones, cuts and settings. If you tell the custom jeweller your budget, he or she has something to work with and will take your concept and turn it into an elegant diamond engagement ring.

Ring Stacking

As you probably know, ring and necklace stacking are trending in 2023, and your diamond engagement ring can be the foundation piece. If the ring is designed with stacking in mind, there won’t be any issues. You could ask the same custom jeweller to design your wedding ring for a perfect match.

Gender Equality

Most women are behind the drive for complete gender equality, and they object to wearing a ring that signifies their relationship status. They would argue that men do not wear an engagement ring and it would be hard to dispute with that. If, for example, you have decided not to wear your engagement ring all the time, perhaps you should have a conversation with your partner, to avoid any misunderstandings.

Be Practical With Your Engagement Ring Design

This ring will always be part of your life (hopefully) and if you are planning to wear the ring every day, you should choose a diamond setting that is durable. A bezel setting ensures the gemstones do not come loose. Avoid a prong setting, especially if you lead an active outdoor lifestyle. With fancy colour diamond price Australia or a leading custom jeweller in your country offers, you can design a durable ring that will stand the test of time.

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Use Your Common Sense

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If you enjoy mountain bike rides or trekking in the outback, you should not wear your engagement ring. Some girls have a special pendant in which they store their engagement ring while engaging in gruelling outdoor activities. That’s the great thing about bespoke jewellery; you can design your very own engagement ring and make sure that the gemstones are well-set and the ring is durable.

In conclusion, it really is up to you whether or not you wear your engagement ring on a daily basis. With a bespoke design, your diamond ring will be a perfect symbol of your undying love for each other. Start with a Google search to find a leading custom jeweller near you, then you can enjoy a free and informal Zoom chat with the custom jeweller and take it from there.

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