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Interview With Elle-May Lecken : My Style Is Free!

Interview With Elle-May Lecken : My Style Is Free!

backless Dress by Elle May
backless Dress by Elle-May Lecken
backless Dress by Elle-May Lecken

Finally, we got replied from Elle-May Lecken, a fashion blogger from Sunshine Coast, Australia. She is the owner of fashion blog Stylishells about combination of nature and style.

Also she says on her blog “I am in love with colour, texture, people, emotions, light, personalities, the beautiful minds and ideas we can come up with from being inspired by creation and life!” She is wonderful, beautiful and fashionable girl.

And we interested on her looks about SUMMER LOVE,  love her backless draping dress which can add your style on summer day. Also her wedges made the perfect combination of her look. And here we had some interview with her, about that look.

How would you describe your style?

My style is free, flow-y and neutral

Is that your summer outfit?

It’s not my only summer outfit but I wear dresses with free backs and draping outfits a lot!

That’s a lovely dress, simple but stunning. How did you get inspired about mixing your style?

Thank you! I live earthy tones and attire that catches the wind well. I also live things that kind of hang of the body. Nature inspired me!

What’s your favorite brand for shoes?

I don’t have a favourite, i just love all kinds! Mainly good quality shoes with natural leathers and beautiful textures

Can we know what do you look for when you’re out shopping?

I look for unique things, gifts, beautiful scented candles, hats all kinds of things really. Whatever catches me eye.

Can you tell us one by one what are you wearing?

Black dress by

Sanskrit wedges from

Tan sling bag from

We really thankful to Elle about her shares, we hope can help us to get inspirations.

Keep up your style, Elle-May Lecken ! <3


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