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Korean Eyebrows for Beginners: Tips for Natural, Straight Brows

Korean Eyebrows for Beginners: Tips for Natural, Straight Brows

Korean Eyebrows for Beginners- Tips for Natural, Straight Brows
Korean Eyebrows for Beginners- Tips for Natural, Straight Brows

Obsessed with the effortlessly cool, youthful look of Korean actresses and idols? It’s all about the eyebrows. They’re known for rocking straighter brows, and guess what? You can totally achieve that look at home, even if you’re a total brow newbie.

Korean makeup is all about that natural, youthful glow, and the eyebrows are no exception.

Here’s how to get those on-point Korean straight brows, step-by-step:

Step 1: Prep Work

First things first, grab a magnifying mirror (trust us, it’ll be your new BFF) and a spoolie brush. Brush your brows upwards to see your natural hair growth pattern.

Step 2: Shaping Up

Now, for the trimming. Be cautious here! Less is definitely more. Use small eyebrow scissors to gently trim any stray hairs that fall outside the desired straight brow shape. Remember, we’re aiming for natural, not a complete overhaul.

Step 3: Find Your Shape

Korean Eyebrows for Beginners- Tips for Natural, Straight Brows

Here comes the fun part! Grab a light-colored eyebrow pencil (think a shade lighter than your hair) and hold it vertically next to your nose. This will help you determine the ideal starting point for your brow. The straighter the line, the straighter the brow! You can also use an angled brush dipped in a light brown eyeshadow to lightly sketch the outline.

Step 4: Fill ‘er Up!

Now comes the filling. Koreans are all about that gradient effect, so use light strokes with your pencil or angled brush to mimic individual brow hairs. Start from the arch and work your way outwards, then go back and lightly fill in the inner part of the brow. Remember, the front of the brow should be the lightest and gradually get darker towards the arch and tail.

Step 5: Blend It Out

Harsh lines are a no-no! Use the spoolie brush again to gently blend out any harsh lines and soften the color. This will give your brows a natural, lived-in look.

Set It and Forget It!

For extra hold, especially if you have stubborn brows, brush through a clear brow gel to keep everything in place.

Korean Eyebrow Product Picks for the Natural Look:

Eyebrow Pencil:

Etude House Drawing Eyebrow Pencil: This cult-favorite comes in a wide range of shades and has a fine tip for precise strokes.

Innisfree Auto Eyebrow Pencil: This retractable pencil is super convenient and delivers a natural, buildable color.

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Eyebrow Powder:

The Saem Eco Soul Brow Kit: This affordable kit has two shades to create natural dimension and comes with a handy spoolie brush.expand_more

IOPE Air Cushion Brow: This innovative cushion pact delivers a lightweight, buildable powder for a feathery brow look.

Clear Brow Gel:

Etude House Clear Brow Fixer: This keeps your brows in place without any flaking or stiffness.

Innisfree Super Slim Brow Mascara: This ultra-fine brush allows for precise application of the clear gel.


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