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Easy Tips To Get Polka Dots Nail Arts

Easy Tips To Get Polka Dots Nail Arts

Easy Polka Dots Nail Art Inspirations
Easy Polka Dots Nail Art Inspirations

Well, polka-dot nail art is on the air! Techniques nail art motive is fairly easy really know, dear. You just need to prepare a dotting tool and of course the choice of nail polish. For women who love to experiment with nail art, here are a wide variety of nail art that is cute, adorable, beautiful, even unique types of nail art that you can try yourself at home.

For those who love the design especially vintage styles 80s then this type will be the polka dot nail art design that is perfect for you.

Easy Polka Dots Nail Art Inspirations

How to create polka dot nails?

  • First of all we have to prepare the materials that will be needed such as nail polish consists of at least two different colors and hair clips. We can start by painting your nails with nail polish color first. Wait until dry. Can then proceed to apply another color nail polish with the help of hairpins.
  • Dip the tip of the hairpin on the second nail polish. We can use the spherical end with a polka-dot effect that results can be kept tidy and does not damage the basic nail polish.
  • If you want to display a simple nail art, is not difficult. Quite a few nail polish colors and materials that are easily obtainable, nail art like the picture below you can have.
  • You can play with some color or even just two tone.

This is the Easy Polka Dots Nail Art Inspirations! Psst, always start with a base coat of nail paint okay!

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