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What To Wear On Thanksgiving 2023 – Based On The Latest Trend

What To Wear On Thanksgiving 2023 – Based On The Latest Trend

What To Wear On Thanksgiving 2023 - Based On The Latest Trend
What To Wear On Thanksgiving 2023 - Based On The Latest Trend

The answer, no, It’s not. Obviously fashion isn’t at the forefront of our minds like it usually is, considering we’re preparing to eat enough food that’ll require us to undo the top button of our pants. But, we still gotta look cute.

On a day of second helpings and endless snacking, the last thing you want is to be stuck for thanksgiving hair and makeup. Choosing what to wear on Thanksgiving in 2023 can depend on a few factors such as your personal style, the weather in your area, and the level of formality of the gathering you’ll be attending. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing so you can fully enjoy the holiday with your loved ones. 

Here are some chic outfit ideas for Thanksgiving 2023:

1. Classic Chic Coat

When the chill really hits, opt for a classic coat with cropped-hem jeans and ankle boots. If you’re celebrating Thanksgiving in a relaxed, homey setting, you can opt for a cozy and comfortable outfit. Consider wearing a nice pair of dark-wash jeans or leggings paired with a chunky knit sweater. Add some ankle boots or comfy loafers for footwear. Layer with a scarf or shawl for extra warmth.

2. Cozy Layers

If you’re celebrating outside, layering is key. Oversized coat are a no-brainer for a day of feasting, and layering one over a turtleneck and wool culottes, or a plaid mini and opaque tights, ensures you’ll be chic and cozy right though till the tryptophan hits. Wear a cozy turtleneck sweater with a puffer vest and dark jeans. Don’t forget a warm scarf and beanie. Choose sturdy and stylish boots for footwear, and consider bringing a blanket scarf to use as both an accessory and extra warmth.

3. Elegant Comfort

The game-changing shoe for the cold weather season is an over-the-knee boot. For a slightly dressier but still comfortable look, you might go for a sweater dress or a comfortable midi dress with a fall-inspired pattern. Pair it with tights and knee-high boots. Accessorize with simple jewelry to add a touch of elegance.

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4. Dressy Thanksgiving Dinner

Fancy and playful, the prettiest pieces of the season are rich in color and high in style. If your Thanksgiving gathering is on the more formal side, like thanksgiving date consider wearing a tailored blouse or a button-down shirt paired with dress slacks or a skirt. You could also opt for a tasteful sweater with a knee-length skirt and heeled ankle boots or pumps. Add some statement jewelry to complete the look.

5. Traditional Fall Colors

Regardless of the formality of your gathering, incorporating traditional fall colors like deep oranges, rich browns, and warm reds can help create a festive atmosphere. These colors can be used in your clothing, accessories, or even makeup choices.


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