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How to Dress Classy and Look Good


If you want to change your fashion style, probably it is time to add some sophistication and elegance to your daily attire.

Wearing classy outfits such as those from the Charlo clothing collection means styling yourself with something that you can wear for a long time. It also means putting certain elements together to ensure your style and newly-found confidence are evident.

instagram: kartelclothingnz

instagram: kartelclothingnz


Identify your style.

You need to determine your style, understand it, and learn how to carry it well. Your style represents your personality, mood, inspiration, lifestyle, interests, etc. If you feel and look great with your whole attire every time you leave the house, you have most likely found your style. Considering you want to upgrade your style to a classier level, you can achieve it whether you are into minimal, casual, classic, bohemian, or streetwear.

instagram: kartelclothingnz

instagram: kartelclothingnz


Choose garments that are made from classic materials.

Look for classic clothing that you will add to your wardrobe. These are items made from materials that can last up to the next decade, for example, cotton, silk, linen, and wool. These types of fabrics are able to remain popular due to their characteristics. If you care for them properly and wear them clean and well-pressed, they produce a sophisticated vibe by themselves.

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Also, you can diversify your wardrobe with these classic fabrics. Chino fabric is an example of cotton that is great in trousers, pants, and blazers. Cashmere is a wool fabric that is typically used in sweaters like crewnecks, V-necks, and cardigans. Denim is a type of cotton that works well with any styles from minimalist to street to boho.




Aim for the perfect fit

A fashion style that exudes class and sophistication is usually form-fitting. It means the fit shows off the figure of the wearer well. The blouses, blazers, and sweaters should emphasize your curves, particularly the waist. The bottom wear you choose, whether bootcut, straight, skinny or flared should not touch the floor at the back. For classy skirts and dresses, they should fall slightly below or above the knee.

But, you can break away from wearing perfectly form-fitting clothes from time to time. You may introduce an unstructured piece to your attire, such as a maxi skirt, a button-down shirt, or a denim jacket. Make sure you do not lose the overall classy vibe.




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Opt for solid neutrals

Bold prints and patterns from the Charlo clothing collection can work in a stylish and fancy look, but if you are not yet comfortable with such patterns, solids from the same collection can be your best friend. These neutrals are plentiful and easy to style, helping to expand your wardrobe.

Popular neutrals include black, white, grey, navy blue, cream, and beige. It does not mean that you dress in black (or other solid) from head to toe. You can always rely on monochromatic colours and vary the tints or shades of a single colour in your attire. Consider adding accents to your outfit to transform a neutral into something attractive and classy. This could be a pair of red stilettos, a paisley scarf, a leather belt, or statement jewellery.

The key to achieving a classy fashion style is to keep it simple and neat. Balance the patterns and colours that you use, and your overall look is flattering on you.


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