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Do Pigeon Repellents Work?

Do Pigeon Repellents Work?

Do Pigeon Repellents Work?
Do Pigeon Repellents Work?
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There are various ways to drive pigeons away from your property, like nets, reproduction control, and using pets. Pigeon repellents are affordable solutions for the pigeon problem as it seals the way the pigeons enter and fence preferable nesting areas.

What are pigeon repellents?

Pigeon repellents are devices that drive pigeons far from the property. If you have pigeons shitting your rooftops, install spikes – the most common type of repellents. Use gels and optical gels to prevent the birds from perching on the fence or roof. Other pigeons will avoid the area if they see one bird’s leg or wings stuck to the gel. Optical gels give the birds an illusion of a flame preventing them from entering a particular area.

Use Methyl anthranilate vapor combined with a fog machine to create an intense grape-flavored smell. The smell usually repels geese and pigeons that stay away from the fog. Since the scent lasts for some time, the pigeons do not return to the area. Ovo control provides versatile repellent for pigeons based on their number and the site’s vastness.

How effective are pigeon repellents?

Pigeon repellents are effective in some cases and not so useful in some scenarios. The results depend on the area’s pigeon pressure, the number of birds, and the food source. Well-settled adult birds in a site with much food wastage and no natural threat for them will not leave the site easily. Pigeons in agricultural lands and food industry areas try hard to come back no matter how hard the land owners try.

Pigeon repellents might have adverse effects sometimes, like small birds getting stuck to gel. While pigeons can remove their feet after some time, other innocent, non-harmful birds die because of fear and pain. The birds detect fumes from the optical gel are fake after a certain period rendering the costly repellent useless, and they learn to fly around them carefully.

Fetching valuable time

However, the pigeon repellents can provide temporary solutions, fetching time for the landowners to make alternative arrangements. Agrarians can finish their harvest in peace, and the food industry can take steps to minimize food waste which attracts the birds to the site. Installing spikes on the fences, rooftops, window sills, and all other common areas the bird perches is a permanent solution to prevent them. But, it is costly, takes time to install, and might get blunt after a few years, inviting new sets of birds.

The gels will dry off or lose their prowess after rain and if dust gets accumulated on the sticky surface. Pigeons wait a day or two and start returning to the area, and applying the gel to a wide area is impossible. The smell of the vapor and fog subsides after a fortnight, making the birds return in no time. Industrial areas regularly fog the bird entrances to keep the scent fresh and prevent birds from returning.

How to reap the best benefits from repellents?

The pigeons will initially move out when the repellents get used until they figure out how to overcome the obstacle. Ensure you make the place unpleasant for the pigeons to return to reap the best benefits from the money spent on the repellents. Cutting the birds’ food source and growing a pet like a wild dog or cat will help prevent the bird’s returning. Some companies offer natural predators like hawks and owls to scare away pigeons who will prevent entering the area of their nemesis.

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The natural predator repelling method works best for a long time, giving you enough time to install the spikes or glass pieces. You can secure a single rail but cannot install spikes on the hundreds of rails in an apartment. The best way to make the repellents work is by combining them with other pigeon control methods like using a net to capture and relocate them. Hunters usually agree to do such tasks for a price and advise to secure the premises properly. Repellents work best when there are 20 to 30 birds, and most of them are young.

Best alternatives for pigeon repellents

Noise and light-emitting devices drive the pigeon away because they are frightened easily and reluctant to return if the sound occurs constantly. But, the city pigeons adapt quickly to loud noises while nesting on the apartment balconies and other urban areas. A net is the best solution to catch them alive, and pigeon birth control devices work best if you just want to prevent them from increasing.

Clean and well-maintained areas without much darkness are a natural deterrent the pigeons will avoid. It is best to keep your garden and rooftops well-lit and free for warmth and dark crevices to prevent the pigeon problem. Use light reflecting devices that disturb the darkness the pigeons love, to irritate them and make them change their nesting area.

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