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Difference between Clean Beauty, Natural Beauty, and Organic Beauty

Difference between Clean Beauty, Natural Beauty, and Organic Beauty

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Now there are many beauty products from various types of brands. Various kinds of skincare brands offer products with their respective advantages. Not only offering certain types of treatments but nowadays a lot of skincare brands also offer the use of skincare ingredients as their product advantages. Many skincare brands claim their products with labels such as clean beauty, natural beauty, and organic beauty.

This is an effort to provide safe and guaranteed skincare products. Because currently, products with the label clean beauty, natural beauty, or organic beauty are in great demand. Awareness of choosing safer and healthier products is increasing.

But what is the difference between the products with each of these labels?

Our editor has collected information about clean beauty, natural beauty, and organic beauty.

Clean Beauty Products Have Synthetic Ingredients

They usually not only use natural ingredients, usually clean beauty products also use synthetic materials. Skincare with a “clean beauty” label is usually the product that is free from harmful chemicals, such as parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, triclosan, fragrances, synthetic dyes, and others.

In addition, clean beauty products also guarantee that their products are eco-friendly, sustainable, and animal cruelty-free. The clean beauty product is safe for the skin but also considers the environmental and animal impacts.


Natural Beauty Only Made from Natural Ingredients

Products that label themselves as natural products mean that they only use natural ingredients. No synthetic materials are used. Or, even if it’s using may be very little.

Although it seems safe to use because it only uses natural ingredients, natural products can cause irritation for some people it’s because usually, natural beauty products are not laboratory tested. Natural products also take a longer time to show better results on the skin.

However, natural products have their own targets that prioritize the use of natural ingredients.

Organic Beauty Label is Very Strict

Some people may don’t know the difference between natural and organic beauty. For your information, A brand can’t just claim the product is organic. Organic beauty labels must go through some testing by official institutions to get organic certificates.

Organic products always have natural ingredients, also should care about plants grown, cultivated, and developed with organic processes.

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The product can be categorized as organic if it contains 95% organic ingredients. But there are also institutions that only provide a standard of 75% organic materials that can be categorized as organic products. Meanwhile, products that only contain about 70% organic ingredients only get the label “made with organic ingredients”.


So, what is the best skincare product?

Everyone has their own opinion in choosing the type of skincare product. Some prioritize product effectiveness, impact on the environment, and materials used.

But it’s better to use organic products that match the skin condition as the best choice. By choosing organic products, we don’t only get the best skin result but get better for the environment too. Nature is beauty. Plating trees is important.

It all comes back to each person. Everything has a choice. The most important thing is we can be responsible for what we choose.

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