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Dental Trends That Are Popular In 2022

Dental Trends That Are Popular In 2022

Dental Trends That Are Popular In 2022
Dental Trends That Are Popular In 2022
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The world of fashion focuses on several aspects. Most people follow certain designers, while others will pay attention to all the latest hairstyles. These factors will grow and change as time moves on; however, there is another part of your body that receives this same treatment and that is your teeth.

Teeth are a crucial part of your body as they aid with digestion, but they are also linked with looking healthy. What’s more, new technological advancements have changed the way that people like this dental implants specialist in Bakersfield are able to transform our teeth and get them looking their very best. With that said, let’s look at the newest trends that are affecting people’s teeth that you will start to notice in 2022.

Extra-White Teeth

Whether you knew it or not, the state of your teeth has always been a quick indicator of your overall health. This has been a part of human evolution for centuries, and it is why most people aim to have the whitest smile possible.

Every year, there seems to be a new type of teeth whitening strategy. You can buy strips or get your teeth bleached for that extra-white smile. However, the perfect white smile is not as healthy as originally believed. Teeth that are too white can be a sign that the enamel has faded, which means that they have lost their protective layer. Therefore, teeth in this state are more likely to become damaged and fall out in the process. Your natural enamel layer is a slightly faded yellow color, which means that your natural smile should look like this, rather than shockingly white.

Straightened Teeth

There was a time when your adult teeth grew and you had to put up with whatever position they had found themselves in, crooked or not. Unfortunately, crooked teeth are more suspectable to damage or plaque because the toothbrush cannot reach some of the obscured parts of the teeth, which is why braces were invented. These metal devices are designed to pull the teeth apart to straighten them; however, many people avoided this option because of their unfortunate appearance.

Nowadays, there are plenty of different brace options to choose from that you will struggle to notice whether someone has teeth straightening apparatus in their mouth. A company like ALIGNERCO can provide its patients with invisible aligners or retainers. Therefore, it is highly unlikely to see an adult with crooked teeth in the modern age.

LED Oral Care

Your teeth aren’t the only part of your mouth that needs taking care of. There is a direct correlation between the health of your gums and the state of your teeth, which is why companies have invested time and money in new strategies for gum care.

One of these strategies is the use of LEDs. These lights are placed in the mouth to make your teeth appear whiter without destroying the enamel layer that was mentioned earlier. Furthermore, these LED lights improve blood circulation to speed up the healing of your gums and soothe infection. LED lights are especially popular with patients that have recently had an aligner fitted. Again, the increase in circulation can help reduce some of the discomfort caused by the straightening apparatus.

Tele dentistry

Recent technological developments have made it possible to video call people from all over the globe. There have been great strides made in broadband speeds and video quality so that there are few disturbances when having a remote conversation.

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While this technology has made it easier to socialize, there are other benefits to consider. One of which is the invention of teledentistry. There is now no need to leave the home to have a consultation with your dentist. Just open your chat screen and have them answer your questions from afar. If there is an issue, they can book an appointment, saving everyone time that would have been wasted on an unnecessary appointment.

3D Printing

3D printing is solving a lot of problems in the 21st century. Many people use these devices to create new models or prototypes for business; however, the functions of these devices are limitless.

For example, dentists are now using these in their offices to re-create a perfect mold of their patient’s mouths. What’s more, they can even create a cost-effective dental implant using this technology. A lot of people will struggle with gaps in their teeth because the implants are too expensive. With 3D printing, this is going to become an issue of the past, just like crooked teeth.


Some of the trends above are likely to fade as time goes on. People will be made aware of the dangers of over whitening their teeth and spread the news over time. However, all the other trends are here to stay, and future dentistry will evolve from these core concepts. That is why it is important to learn about them now. 

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