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Decluttering Your Wardrobe and Your Style

Decluttering Your Wardrobe and Your Style

Decluttering Your Wardrobe and Your Style
Decluttering Your Wardrobe and Your Style

When did you last give your style a makeover, and do you even know what your style truly is? Your wardrobe can contain so much that it can be hard to pull out the pieces that you love. And sometimes, it can be hard to pull together a look that you enjoy wearing (and that you feel comfortable in). When you can see what you have to wear, you focus on creating looks and styles that suit you and compliment you. So, where can you start this journey, and what should you be focusing on?

Mixing and Shaking Things Up

To begin with, you have to change your mindset. To get the most out of the decluttering process, you have to be prepared to mix things up and shake up your look and style a bit. If you declutter and stick to safe (or to what you know), then you will never explore all of the possibilities that are out there. This may then leave you feeling unfulfilled and once again unhappy in the clothes that you own and wear. When you mix things up a little bit, you start to regain control of your wardrobe, and you start to only include items that you love and adore.

The Decluttering Process

The process of decluttering and starting fresh can seem overwhelming – especially if your wardrobe has been untouched for a while. However, do not let this negativity hold you back. Focus on decluttering as a process, and focus on sorting your clothing and accessories out into four piles. The four piles should be labeled as keep, donate, repurpose, and sell. For example, in the repurpose pile, you may have cherished and loved pieces of clothing that are well worn and in need of a new purpose. You may want to get these turned into a blanket like the ones at so that you then have something to use around your home. Or, you could look at repurposing them into new pieces of clothing for you or other members of your family.

Purchasing New Clothing and New Statement Pieces

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Once you have sorted through (and processed) everything that your wardrobe held, you then have to look at purchasing new pieces to fill in the spaces and gaps. When you are looking at purchasing new pieces of clothing, you should try to focus on building capsules. Capsules can allow you to create a go-to look, and they can help you get ready in the morning quickly and easily. Your newly revamped wardrobe would also benefit from having a few statement pieces, such as a gorgeous blazer or coat that can be worn year after year.

Why Regular Decluttering of Your Wardrobe Is Important

Your body changes, your style changes, and what you love and like changes too. Regularly decluttering your wardrobe will allow you to stay in control of what you love and what you wear, and it will help you to create a wardrobe that is reflective of who you are as an individual.

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