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Basic Styling Tips To Wear Crop Top Outfit For Summer Looks

Basic Styling Tips To Wear Crop Top Outfit For Summer Looks

Crop Top Outfit Ideas For Summer Fashion
Crop Top Outfit Ideas For Summer Fashion
Crop Top Outfit Ideas For Summer Fashion

Many who love the crop top as she once could disguise the stomach and still make you look sexy. Coupled with a variety of clothing fits well, can give the appearance of a chic, sporty, as well as semi-formal.

What is crop top?

Crop tops, long tops that generally range between 40-50 cm only just reached the limit or waist circumference. Lately they are popularly used by the artist, socialite, and fashion lover.

Wear crop top would look cool and fashionable if you can use it through the tricks below.

Hide stomach

Although short in size, do not let your brother rated borrow clothes while wearing them. This is not to minimize crop accent clothing, but focuses more on any piece of clothing. When wearing it, you have to integrate with subordinates close the abdomen and hip. Or, you can wear tight inner workings so that it can create a closed body and leave the impression that pretty much falls again.

Take a peek

If you want to show sexy chic side, you can choose the inner workings of the not too long. Wear high waisted pants, so as to hide the open side.

Combine with other motives

For you who have some different subordinate motive, you can unify the two different motifs with this crop top. But, make sure the middle part there are bold accents, so it makes it look like a piece that did not separate.

Use accessories

Pair crop top with some accessories so did not empty memorable. Provide little accessories will make it look nicer and not memorable like kids clothes.

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Contrast games

Choose colors that are neutral, then do the game contrasts with your outfit. Between accessories and fashion, better matching alone.

Combined with the overall

Pair with a crop top for the overall sporty feel and relaxed. You should also adjust the color, if the crop top neutral color, the better overall been motivated or made different

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