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Create Your Own Style With Custom Wallpaper

Create Your Own Style With Custom Wallpaper

Create Your Own Style With Custom Wallpaper
Create Your Own Style With Custom Wallpaper

Wallpapers are trending. Homeowners are using it to escalate the aesthetics of their homes. Undoubtedly, it is the easiest way to change your home’s appearance dramatically. You can add boldness to your walls and transform the interiors within no time. The best part is that you can use it in many different ways to create your style using custom wallpaper.

With suitable wallpaper, colors, and patterns, you can change the aesthetics of an otherwise monotonous look. But how can you create your style? Let’s find out here!

Bring nature to your home using leafy motifs

If you like tropical foliage or wish to add a botanical look to your home, you can easily create that style statement. If you think it is a lot for your living room, you can try this for a smaller room or your bedroom. You can also use paneling and add such patterns so that they don’t overpower your room. For example, you can opt for vintage anemones, painted peonies, penciled leaves, and so much more. You can also customize the stick n peel wallpaper colors and designs as you wish.

private prairie
private prairie

Create a feature wall by framing any section of wallpaper

You can add a bit of fashion by framing a section of your wallpaper. You can paste the wallpaper on the wall and add the frame directly to it. You can also paint the frame to match the wallpaper colors or designs and give it a more subtle look. This creates a focal point and works behind a sofa, bed, or zone where you wish to highlight the area.

Accentuate the hallways using striped wallpaper

If you think you can elevate the aesthetics of your hallways by applying striped wallpaper only on the walls, you are only half correct. You can also use the patterns, beautify your staircase, and transform a simple space into a magnificent one. You can easily convert a boring stairway or stairs into a more dramatic or appealing one without any major renovation.

Create Your Own Style With Custom Wallpaper

Design your wardrobes using wallpapers

If you think wallpapers are only for walls, you are highly mistaken. Use the design of your choice and transform your wardrobe doors. You can hang the length of the wallpaper directly to the front of your door. But your doors need to be smooth to fit a wallpaper smoothly. If there is any decorative beading or framing, you can’t use it for accentuating the design of your rooms.

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Give your storage space a decor lift

You have so many open shelves in your home. You can uplift it using a pretty custom wallpaper behind the unit. It will work best if your storage unit is backless. It will act as a decorative backdrop. You can hang your accessories or clothes and give your space a design uplift.

Create Your Own Style With Custom Wallpaper

You can use wallpaper in endless ways. Just make sure that it matches the theme or decor of your home if you want to give a finishing look. So, are you all set to beautify your home?

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