Combining Gemstones In Jewellery That Match Well Together

Combining Gemstones In Jewellery That Match Well Together

There are many benefits to having custom-made jewellery designed and created, and a significant one is combining whatever gemstones you want.

You will need to carefully consider the gems you use in your jewellery and ensure they go well in the design you want. Whether you are looking for something outlandish and extravagant or something a little more subtle, you need to choose the gem colours wisely. Below are some of the colour combinations you can consider using to help create exquisite jewellery that looks fantastic and that you adore.

Combining Gemstones In Jewellery That Match Well Together

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Select Complementary Colours For Your Jewellery 

Some colours go well together when combined, and you can select gemstones in these colour combinations knowing they will go perfectly together. Some of the colour combinations you can choose when you go to a handmade jewellery shop for your jewellery include:

  • Purple & Yellow: Purple and yellow are an excellent colour combination, and you can choose purple amethyst and citrine, a yellow type of quartz. These colours will help your jewellery stand out and are perfect if you are looking to show off.
  • Red & Green: Red and green are also another excellent colour combination and has a feel of Christmas to them. You can select red rubies and green emeralds that combine well together and make for some beautiful jewellery. There are beautiful combinations when you buy emerald jewellery London shops are offering.
  • Orange & Blue: Another excellent colour combination for gemstones is orange and blue. You can choose beautiful blue sapphires, and there are various other gemstones you can get in orange, including diamonds, topaz, citrine, sapphires, and spinel.
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As well as choosing complementary colours, you can also select analogous colours for your jewellery which will also work well together.

Analogous Gemstone Colours You Can Consider

You can also select analogous colours for your jewellery, which are next to each other on the colour wheel. Some of the colour combinations you can choose are as follows:

  • Red & Orange: If you are looking for a design full of colour, you can select red and orange. Use rubies. For orange, you can pair it with citrine in your jewellery.
  • Green & Blue: You can also choose green and blue gems and combine emeralds and sapphires in your gemstone jewellery.
  • Blue & Purple: Another excellent choice of colours for your jewellery is blue and purple. You can use blue sapphires. You can get many different purple gems, including diamonds, amethyst, spinel. There are also purple sapphires available.
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Check a colour wheel and then select your favourite colour. You can choose a colour beside it on the wheel to create jewellery that is perfect for you.

Monochromatic Gemstone Colours For Your Jewellery

Combining Gemstones In Jewellery That Match Well Together

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You can also choose one colour for the gemstones in your jewellery and then get various types of gems in that colour range. If you were to choose blue, you could use topaz, sapphires, tanzanite, or aquamarine. When you want to use green, you can select emeralds and peridot. If your preferred colour is red, you can choose rubies, garnet, or pink tourmaline.

These are just a few of the colour combinations you can choose for your jewellery, and there are more besides. You can speak to the jeweller who will make your bespoke jewellery and see what they recommend. You can create something beautiful and personal for you that will look fantastic when you wear it and catch the eye of your friends, family, and colleagues.


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