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Interview With Chloe Ting : Leather And Denim

Interview With Chloe Ting : Leather And Denim

Chloe Ting  Leather And Denim
Doc. Chloe Ting

Firstly, we thankfully to Chloe Ting, a fashion blogger from Australia who loves to express how she feels and she constantly challenge herself to pull off new looks.  For this time, we interested on her look Leather and Denim, She paired loose fit denim shirt and legging with booties.

She says on her blog :

“A casual look from me wearing a loose fit denim shirt, with a belt around the waist for better fit as the shirt is a little too long for me. Paired it with a simple printed tee, velvet leggings and tardy platform boots. These boots got to be the most comfy boots I’ve ever owned. I reckon it fits me better than Lita or all my other JC heels. So for those that are looking to buy a pair of JC boots, I would recommend this one! Just keep note that it might really hurt for the first few wears especially around the ankle, but could always wear some socks/tights/leggings to help with that. I think it starts getting super comfy after a couple of months of consistent wear.”

How would you describe your style? 

I can’t think of a single word to describe it, but I think of my style as adaptive and I try my best to express how I feel and I constantly challenge myself to pull off new looks.

How did you get inspired to wear army outerwear and denim bustier and short ?

I think army prints/type clothings are great items to have in the wardrobe as it gives off an edgy feel to gives off an authoritative feel, like how some people get intimidated by people in uniforms!

Is there one dress or item of clothing in your closet that you always feel your best in?

I don’t think so. Maybe for a short span of time there would be one or two items I like to use, but I always try not to attach myself to a few items and not have the habit of buying things and not wearing them at all.

What do you look for when you’re out shopping?

Anything that is a unique piece and catches my eye. I often run across my head how I could be styling that item with, and judge buying it based on that!

By the way, we really love your sunglasses, what brand is it?

I’ve been wearing a pair of Miu Miu glasses, as well as some from Gentle Monster. Their so comfy!

Can you tell use one by one what are you wearing? 

Denim Shirt and printed top c/o Nowistyle,

Velvet leggings and Hat c/o Romwe,

Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Platform Boots

For more looks about CHLOE TING, you can visit her blog

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