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How To Style The Classic Plaid Blazer Trend On 2023

How To Style The Classic Plaid Blazer Trend On 2023

How To Style The Classic Plaid Blazer Trend On 2023
Checked Printed Blazers Makes It A Real Fashion Statement
Checked Printed Blazers Makes It A Real Fashion Statement

As fall settles in, the stylish women are leaning into the latest blazer trend and styling their own takes on the preppy-timeless classic piece.

These classic blazer style are flying off the digital shelves, but don’t fret, we’ve found plenty of chic versions that you can still wear all over and over again to your next fall wardrobe.

While you might have one favorite tartan blazer, we’re always inclined to offer options. This way, you can wear it every day during fall/winter season without ever feeling bored. Whether you’re going for a casual, professional, or fashion-forward look, the plaid blazer can be a versatile and stylish addition to your wardrobe in 2023.

Plaid patterns have been a classic and versatile choice for blazers, and there are various ways you can style them to suit different occasions. Here are some trendy ideas on how to style a plaid blazer in 2023:

1. Casual look

blazer style via
blazer style via

Pair your plaid blazer with a plain white t-shirt or a graphic tee. Combine it with a pair of high-waisted jeans or ankle pants for a modern and relaxed look. Finish the outfit with white sneakers or ankle boots for an effortless, laid-back vibe.

2. Elegant Workwear

Opt for a plaid blazer in a more subdued color palette for a sophisticated office look. Pair it with mini skirt with same color or you may add your suit here. Add ensemble with classic pumps or kitten boots.

3. Print on Print

Embrace bold and print on patterns for a statement-making outfit. Mix and match patterns by wearing a printed top that complements the colors in the blazer. Go for different pattern pants to add a touch of edge to the look. Choose fashionable heels or chunky boots to elevate the overall style.

4. Chic contemporary

For a powerful and modern twist, wear a plaid blazer with matching plaid trousers or a plaid skirt. To keep the look balanced, choose a blazer and pair it with obi belt with the different shade. Add a solid-colored blouse or shirt underneath to avoid overwhelming the outfit. Finish with heeled pumps or oxford shoes for a polished appearance.

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5. Layered style

Layer your plaid blazer over a satin dress for a cozy and stylish look. Pair it with tailored trousers or wide-leg pants. Accessorize with a chic belt to define your waist and add some flair. Complete the outfit with ankle boots or pointed-toe flats.

6. Weekend vibes

Dress down your plaid blazer with a light, flowy dress or a midi satinskirt. Opt for pastel or neutral shades for a soft and feminine feel. Add a chic carry bag and create a flattering silhouette. Choose comfortable yet stylish sandals or sneakers to finish the ensemble.


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