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Stylish Celebrity Looks With Wedges You Can Follow

Stylish Celebrity Looks With Wedges You Can Follow

Wedges shoes are not just for celebrities but can be used by anyone and in any event because it is very comfortable to wear and combine with any outfit ranging from skinny jeans to mini dresses.

Are wedges shoes comfortable?

Wedges shoes really comfortable and easier to walk in than stiletto heels and very suitable for those who are not comfortable with heels. So decided to wear wedges shoes, be prepared to look like a celebrity.

Celebrities with wedges

Look at the photos below the Hollywood celebrities with its platform wedges on the street style. They look very cool and of course the shoes they wear into supporting their appearance, you know. To style a bit relaxed, use the wood as used by Jennifer Anniston.

Shown semi-formal, you can choose which platform wedges suede or velvet as preferred kate middleton, Vanessa Hudgens, and Victoria Beckham. You want to try Try sequins her platform Stuart Weitzman wedges or Christian Louboutin wedge espadrillesas wore by Eva Mendez.

How to style wedges?

  • Show a little skin with a pair of shorts with wedges shoes. Wedge boots and wedge sandals are very suitable for use during the summer, mainly because currently available cutout wedge boots. Wedges shoes to pair with shorts creating a rocker look. If you want a softer look, use a pair of wedges shoes floral motifs with pastel shorts and tops nude color. You can also use the tights under shorts and a pair of wedge booties with you. This will help keep your toes and keep your feet warm.
  • Skinny jeans are a favorite because jeans can accentuate your curves. And what happens if skinny jeans paired with wedges? Wedges shoes or sandals not only give you extra height on your and make your legs look longer, but also help sculpt the legs. When using Skinnys jeans, make sure the pants fell right at the ankle.

Well with casual style or to appear on the street style platform wedges into the center of attention of their overall look. Gorgeous!

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