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Can You Prepare For Marriage?

Can You Prepare For Marriage?

Can You Prepare For Marriage?
Can You Prepare For Marriage?
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Even if you and your partner have lived together for years, you might be surprised to know that marriage can actually change the dynamics of the relationship. Often during the relationship, there are some tough conversations that take place, and eventually, you’ve been together so long (and don’t picture your life with anyone else) it makes sense to get married.

The planning of the wedding can be one of the points where some arguments happen, and the realization that not everything is there to be agreed upon. It might even be that the only thing you agree on is having a wedding planner and relaxing while it is done for you!

In the run-up to the nuptials, here are a couple of things that you can talk about to see if you are on the same page.

Me, I, We

Although you should always have your own goals, time, space, and things that are just for you, and so should your partner. We becomes more of a reality. Big financial decisions, the car, the child care, and so much more will become we decisions and we actions.

For many couples, they love the idea that me will blend even further into we; for others, it can be a struggle. Think of it always as a team – but don’t leave your own thoughts and feelings on the shelf; there is space for both.


Although it is much more common for people to have children before they get married not, if you don’t have children yet, and have been together for a while – it is still an important conversation to have.

Some people know for sure they don’t want to or can’t have children. While the feelings about that can change over time, it can be useful to know exactly where you stand on that point.


The stakes seem to be higher in a marriage when it comes to what you don’t agree on. Forgiveness is one of the biggest things you will need to learn to navigate how to communicate with your partner in a way they understand and one that is comfortable for you too. If you don’t learn how to communicate and forgive, things fester, and the feelings of resentment and bitterness can be overwhelming.

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It can often be the case that unless we know where our boundaries are and the ones of the people we love, we overstep – or they do, and it leads to a disaster. Understanding and setting your boundaries is your job and something you can only do through working on yourself.

Boundaries come in a lot of different forms, and it is important to discuss them and understand what it means for your dynamic.


The foundations of your marriage are going to be built on a friendship that is strengthened and worked on over the years. Friendship is one of the strongest bonds that we make with people outside of our family, and marrying your best friend is something that most people aspire to.

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