Meet Autron Industry, the sustainable accessories manufacturer since 2007 from Guangzhou, China. With commitment of creating products with recycled and renewable materials for fashion brands.

Autron goes toward producing fashion accessories with recycled and making up those materials that are safe for the people who use their products, for the customer who sells them, and for our planet. They achieve 90% recycled materials in their products including body, lining, and packaging materials.

“We care deeply about the people who build our products, and the ethical supply chain that our customers can be transparent and trust.”

Recovering everything by their supplier and bring them to new production. With the customers are from around the world, they work together between customers and suppliers, from design to recycling, to verify that customers’ requirements are being met for the people and communities in the supply chain. They always ensure quality is under control and benefit the cost to our customers.

Also, More than 20 suppliers have committed to global recycled standards for Autron production.

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