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Best Wholesale Hair Vendors 2022

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors 2022

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors 2022

Hair is one of the most prominent parts of a person’s beauty. Your hairstyle speaks a lot about your personality and style. Especially women who are highly conscious about their hair and do everything to maintain it. Using hair extensions is the best way to change hairstyles and have the hair of your dreams.

With the increasing popularity of hair extensions, many vendors compete to offer the best products. Many wholesale hair extension vendors in the market might confuse you about who to choose. Therefore, if you decide to get some new hair extensions, we have listed below the best wholesale hair vendors 2022 from which you can choose.

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors 2022

Here is the top-rated hair vendors list:

1. SalonLabs

SalonLabs is a natural Indian air extension manufacturing and distributing company. They supply one of the highest quality unprocessed hair extensions, also known as virgin hair, in the market. Their specialty is that they offer all these hair extensions at factory prices. SalonLabs also offers custom hairpieces depending on the customer’s requirements.

Also, the company deals in all application types in multiple colors and textures. Some popular application types that SalonLabs use includes machine weft, lace closures, lace frontals, clip-ins, hand-tied wefts, ponytail, hair topper pieces, and fusion extensions. One of the major reasons why this manufacturing company is different from others of its type is because it derives the product originally from the only source.

Every step of the manufacturing and distributing process is directly from the manufacturer to the customer without any middleman to ensure the highest quality products. The company specializes in 100% real virgin Remy hair that is gorgeous and durable.

2. HairPurpose

HairPurpose also deals in true Remy and virgin human hair extension. These are not only of the highest quality but are in unique styles and great colors and textures. The main focus of this company is to ethically source the products to provide better quality and environmentally-friendly products.

Best Wholesale Hair Vendors 2022

One of this hair extension manufacturing company’s most prominent features is that they offer higher employment opportunities at high wages. All the hair extensions provided by the company are processed under a unique process to ensure the highest quality. The manufacturing team is highly skilled, professional, and experienced in delivering exceptional products.

With almost 20 years of expertise and experience in the field, HairPurpose is a well-reputed wholesale hair extension provider in the global hair extensions industry. The company has great expertise in supplying high-quality products to approximately fifty brands worldwide. Another prominent feature of this manufacturer is that its products are cost-effective and reliable.

3. The Hair Shop LA & NYC

The Hair Shop has served the hair extension industry since 1998 with its superior products. At that time, the founder Ryan Tokko started a modest mom & pop beauty store in the heart of Los Angeles. The company specializes in hair textures, diverse colors, versatile lengths, and cutting-edge application methods.

They offer everything from ready-to-wear hair to hair extensions and highly functional hair tools. They have everything a hair or beauty enthusiast might dream of. These products can transform your hair in no time in whatever way you want or like. The Hair Shop has several franchise locations and retail shops around the US.

The Hair Shop has been the favorite of many celebrities and hair stylists for years, and its clientele has increased. The company has focused on providing innovative and simplest ways of applying for hair extensions by discovering various time-saving techniques. They have always dealt with long-lasting and innovative hair extensions.

4. Beauty Works

Beauty Works is a woman-owned award-winning company that focuses on inspiring confidence in women with their luxury hair enhancements. The company has a lot of social media fans and over 4000 salon partners worldwide, making it popular but reliable and trustworthy. Beauty Works has always aimed to provide its customers with the highest quality and latest trend products.

Beauty Works deals in various luxury hair enhancement products, including professional extensions, easy clip-in solutions, and nearly every other hair enhancement thing that a hairstylist can think of. The company has also collaborated with celebrities and beauty bloggers and has served various red carpet looks, adding to its popularity.

This hair extension manufacturer and distributor works to provide the latest hair trends in the market to keep its customers satisfied with the products. The company also has a great reputation among the beauty press and has been featured in national media several times.

5. Belle Luxe Hair Extensions

Belle Luxe hair extensions is also a woman-based business whose motto is to empower and lift women with the art of hair. The company consists of a small team dedicated to their job and puts love and life into everything product they design and create.

With almost ten years of experience in the hair extension industry, this company is one of the leading inclusive hair extension companies and academies in the UK. All the hair is sourced in its healthiest form to ensure superior quality hair extensions. They use 1005 cuticle Remy hair of the finest quality to provide the exclusive luxury feels to its customers.

Belle Luxe hair extensions also believe in sustainability and ensure that there is the littlest effect on the environment during the manufacturing and distribution of their products. They deal in professional and non-professional hair extensions in numerous colors and textures. All hair extensions are beautiful with a longer lifespan.

6. Hair King Hair Extensions

Hair King hair extensions have over ten years of experience in the hair extensions industry and deal in high-quality products. With great expertise and in-depth industry knowledge, the company ensures the optimum quality and highly reliable products for hair extension enthusiasts.

The company’s main aim is to provide ultimate customer satisfaction to fulfill all their requirements and needs. The main goal of the owner of the company is to offer hair extensions that fit you well. The company’s team members are highly dedicated and skilled in their tasks. The company features an in-house production to provide its customers with the best products with a special connection to the manufacturer.

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The company’s success is completely dependent on the dedication and a meticulous approach. With its unique goals and skillful team, the Hair King hair extensions is a well-reputed hair extension manufacturer and distributor worldwide.

7. Kerrie Capelli Hair USA

The brand Kerrie Capelli hair USA’s owner and director have great experience in the hair industry. He has worked quite some years as a hairstylist and understands all the needs of hair enthusiasts. Kerrie Capelli not only deals in high-quality hair extensions but also offers some of the best hair training courses in the region.

The company deals in various products, from professional hair extensions to weft and nano hair extensions; they have everything you might be looking for. All the hair extensions are available in different colors and textures, and you can choose the ones as per your liking.

The company also trains students who excel in the hair industry, becoming the best hair stylists and hair extension experts. Kerrie Capelli’s Capelli Lounge and Capelli hair solutions have become one of the world’s top hair/education providers.

8. Short2Long Hair Extensions

Short2Long hair extensions is a company offering the safest reusable hair extensions. With their exceptional hair extensions, the company ensures that you can change your whole look the way you want. It is completely up to you to style your hair with your new finest hair extensions.

Short2Long offers a variety of different hair extension types and products, including efts, hair systems, I-tip hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, tape-in hair extensions, and many more; not only that, but it also deals in all kinds of hair extension tools and accessories that you might possibly need. Short2Long hair extensions have made quite a name in the hair extension industry with their variety of luxury hair extensions.

This company deals with both hair extensions and professional hair extension courses and training. Therefore, if you are a hair extension enthusiast, you can take a training course and learn how to put on and style your favorite hair extensions.

Final Words

Hair is essential to your personality and can add to your natural beauty. No doubt dying and styling your natural hair in different styles might ruin your hair in no time. This is when hair extensions come in to rescue you. You can change as many hairstyles as you want without worrying about damaging your natural hair.

Also, if you have thin natural hair or texture you don’t like, hair extensions will be the best option in that case too. Hair extensions have become quite popular over time, and various hair extension manufacturers and distributors worldwide provide high-quality products.

We have listed above some of the best wholesale hair vendors 2022 that are popular for their high-quality products and have a great reputation in the hair industry. So, it is your turn to choose which offers the products you prefer and which will suit you the best.

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