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Best Menu Ideas That You Need To Try For Thanskgiving Dinner 2022

Best Menu Ideas That You Need To Try For Thanskgiving Dinner 2022

Best Menu Ideas That You Need To Try For Thanskgiving Dinner 2022
Best Menu Ideas That You Need To Try For Thanskgiving Dinner 2022
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Towards the end of the year, there are many interesting celebrations to know and follow, from Halloween to Christmas. One of the most popular celebrations around the world is Thanksgiving. The celebration where families gather to get closer to each other and express love between family members.

What’s Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving is a celebration intended as an expression of gratitude or gratitude for the end of the harvest season. In the United States and Canada, Thanksgiving Day has been designated for a national holiday. Every year, this celebration falls on the fourth Thursday in November. Family members wearing their most comfy outfit will usually take the time to gather and eat together.

What are the main dishes that are generally served at Thanksgiving dinner?

Thanksgiving is a day when delicious dishes are served with large portions. A lot of dishes served at Thanksgiving is part of the contribution of a lot of people coming together and usually preparing cooking for turkey, pies, vegetables, and beer. There are a lot of  Thanksgiving menu ideas based on your dinner theme.

1. Roasted Turkey

This kind of food is the main dish at every Thanksgiving celebration. The turkey will be processed by roasting to produce tender and juicy meat. Turkey was chosen as one of the main thanksgiving menus because of its large size and enough for one family to eat.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potato is a one of the side dishes that is perfect to enjoy the roasted turkey. The soft texture is made with cream in it as well as stir-fried sweet fresh vegetables. It tastes sweet, savory, creamy and a little salty. Some people often sprinkle ground pepper on top of this dish to add flavor.

3. Stuffing

Stuffing or mixing vegetable mix which is used as side dishes that are usually inserted into the roasted turkey. In addition to vegetables, mix bread, spices, and sausages can also be used as a filling for turkey.

4. Cranberry Sauce

Its sweet and slightly sour taste creates a unique and special taste. Cranberry sauce is made from red cranberries, sugar, water and a little grated orange zest.

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5. Pumpkin Pie

Another dish that is usually served on Thanksgiving is pumpkin pie. This could be a dessert made of pumpkin-based pudding filling that has been seasoned with various ingredients.

6. Gravy Sauce

Gravy is a sauce made from meat broth, which is continuously cooked until it becomes thick, then added with various other ingredients. This sauce can be served with a variety of dishes, such as roasted turkey.

7. Other Menu

At Thanksgiving you can cook anything you like beside the menu above. For example, if you want something unique and creative, try cooking Shrimp Salad Recipe with Bangkok Rice for an additional menu. You can get the delicious recipe at

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