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Beauty Tips : How To Make Korean Eyeliner

Korea Beauty Eye

Want to learn to make korean eyeliner?  Korean celebrities daub eyeliner is generally way to make basic first. This way in order to facilitate more eyeliner neat and not messy. So even if you use eyeliner is liquid eyeliner, you do not need to be afraid about the results will be ugly.

Korea Beauty Eye

Korea Beauty Eye

What is needed:

Eyeliner brush

Liquid eyeliner / gel

Please follow photo below about the tutorial:

Korean Eyeliner Steps

Korean Eyeliner Steps

The steps:

1. Create a boundary line just below the eyelashes thin layer only. Roll out of the tip of the inner eye to exit.

2. Make the final end point eyeliner parallel to the tip of the inner eye. Then tebali eyeliner.

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3. Simplify the result.

4. The final step is to create a counter on the lower eye lid. Follow the shape to frame the third corner of the outer end of the eye.

5. Now we just daub mascara.



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