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Beauty Tips: Longer Lasting Lipstick On Lips


Applying lipstick in every appearance of a woman, will change the hue of the face became beautiful instantly. Without lipstick most women seem less confident because of fear face looks pale and lacking sparkle. Activities of eating and drinking, it is definitely making a quick lipstick wiped off her lips.

Longer Lasting Lipstick

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However, how can I make lipstick Longer Lasting Lipstick On Lips? You can use the following tips:

Don’t wait until chapped Lips
The lips are dry or chapped could make the lipstick fade quickly because they can not stick perfectly. Each time when  shower in the morning, brush your teeth and wash your face as usual. Normally be moist lips by itself. Then the finger pads, gently rub the lips, until the dead skin cells fall off. This method is very easy and does not cause bloody lip. You will get soft lips every day!

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Choose lipstick with the right formula
Matte lipsticks are usually more durable than lipstick that contains moisturizer. If your lips are not easily dried and cracked, you can use a matte lipstick. But if your lips dry easily because of the use of lipstick, wear lipstick that contains natural moisturizers like jojoba oil or olive oil.

Apply lipstick with a brush
Lipstick applied with flat brush and usually more durable than lipstick applied directly. You can try this way. Clean the brush, then apply lipstick that you like on the lips.

Caution when eating or drinking
How to keep lipstick is not quickly disappear when eating or drinking. If your condition is difficult to re-polish the lipstick (for example, when a wedding invitation), so be careful when eating and drinking. Create a mouthful smaller so that food is not knocking the lip. Cut first cake in small size rather than a direct bite.

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