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Beauty Tips : Keep Natural With Nude Lipstick

Beauty Tips : Keep Natural With Nude Lipstick

Nude Lipstick Make Up
Nude Lipstick Make Up
photo by burberry

Many women who want to look naturally beautiful in appearance they choose more natural with nude lipstick color. However, most did not last long for nude color or make the appearance looks normal.

Maybe you need to apply some makeup tips in your beauty face. If you want to use nude color, make sure the eye and facial makeup offset. As well as the clothes you use can also determine whether your face looks fresh or even look pale. Well, that nude color lipstick you can show the natural beauty, try some of these tips.

Scrubbing Lips

First do scrubbing lips. You can use lip scrub that is now on the store, or use sugar scrub and lemon. Scrubbing the lips can get rid of dry lips and dead skin cells. So that your lips are ready to use lipstick.

Match Makeup Colors

Plan first color eyeshadow you will use. For example, you want to use brown colors tend to be younger, then choose nude lipstick rather flushed. Whereas if you choose smokey eyes, you can choose an almost nude color pale or medium. By doing so, you will be more balanced appearance.Planning makeup color also makes you not waste time and cosmetics you use. So everything is more efficient when you dress up.

Flawless Face

Nude lipstick color on the skin could die if you do not use a good foundation. It can look dull and does not give any effect on the face. Try using a foundation or bb cream that can make your face perfectly covered. Give a little bit of loose powder that gives a soft and semi-matte effect. In this way, the skin looks smooth and nude lipstick color effects that you can use over radiated.

Use Lip Liner

Framing the lips with a lip liner can make the lips look full and shaped. Lip liner can also accentuate the natural shape of the lips to be more stunning on your face. After using lip liner, apply a nude lipstick you use. If necessary, replace with lip gloss.

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Frame Your Eyes

Use eyeliner with bold color on the eyes. No need to use makeup smokey, you can use a dark brown color. Just to keep your eyes look more deep and wide.


To compensate for the eye firm and nude lips, try using blush with peach or rose pink color. Apply  thin but still look your appearance seems so sweet and fresh.

Lily Collins Nude Lipstick
Lily Collins Nude Lipstick image from

Seems at Lily Collins make up with nude lipstick, she just looks adorable. with those dramatic eyes.

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