Beauty Tips: Bigger Eyes Look Make Up Tutorials

Beauty Tips: Bigger Eyes Look Make Up Tutorials

Bigger Eyes Look Make Up Tutorials

Beauty Tips Bigger Eyes Look Make Up Tutorials – As an Asian, has small eyes or look like anime is characteristic of Asians. Many of those who have small eyes or snail want to change it. Women right now assume that having big eyes will make them the perfect beauty as western women in general.

Beauty Tips Bigger Eyes Look Make Up Tutorials
Beauty Tips Bigger Eyes Look Make Up Tutorials
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Many methods are used to make the eye appear bigger by using large-diameter contact lens. However, not all women are comfortable using it. While doing plastic surgery eye shape is also quite complicated. Then why not try any makeup tips? Ye , you can make the eyes appear bigger with makeup tutorial.

The steps are so simple that you can do at home. Here are 4 easy tricks to make eyes looks big like your idol.

1 . Eye Shadow

Eye shadow with darker colors can make your eyes look more deep, but the white eyeshadow on the middle to the corner of the eyelid is the key to getting eyes look wider. Once your eye makeup, add any white lines or bright color, on the line that you want the eye to the corner of the eye.

2 . Super False Eyelashes

There are many ways that you can use, one is the wear of false eyelashes. If you can’t, you can use eyelash curler to curl shape, then use mascara. The trick, use a brush on the bottom lashes. Use a little zigzag movements that could lash mascara combed properly and evenly . This technique makes your eyes look more beautiful and tapering.

3 . Eyeliner

Use eyeliner to make your eyes frame as desired. Eye liner can make eyes sharper frames, rounded or looks thicker. If you want bigger eyes, then form a longer frame to the outer corner of the eye. Highlights or white eyeshadow on the first point can be combined with eyeliner so it looks wider.

4 . Trim The Eyebrow

Shaping the eyebrows by way of shaving or shaping it with an eyebrow pencil. Create an arc shape so that your eyes appear wider. Make sure the ends firmly dip with eye makeup that makes you more presentable and character. We have discussed that about how to make make pretty eyebrows.

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Try some of the tips above to make your eyes bigger. If you want, use softlens prior to eye makeup. But if not convenient, use the real lens eyes is not a problem.

Good luck , Ladies!

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